Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another week.. Another review!

This week has been great! I was on track, active and have eliminated snacking past 9pm! I may not have stuck to the workout schedule I set but there were a few factors that affected it. On Friday I was so exhausted I could barely function, so doing tae bo was out of the question. I think on Wednesday and Thursday night I probably had a total of maybe 5 hours sleep so I ended up passing out at 9:30 on Friday. I did end up waking up around 9am feeling refreshed and energized. I decided to try my new Tae Bo dvd for the first time. It was kind of different than what I remember .. but OMG my muscles KILLED all day saturday and 10 times worse on Sunday. I was hurting! I did end up doing Zumba on Monday with Jenn and our friend Elisha. It was soo much fun! I also did yoga again on Tuesday. So I did stick to working out 4 times last week but just didn’t stick to the days. Also, I am starting to feel like this is becoming a habit.. so that’s good! I weighed in this morning and was down 1.4 lbs! It feels good to lose! Since I did gain last week I decided to weigh in every day this week to track the fluctuations. It’s kind of crazy how working out and eating healthy affects the scale! At least I know I am gaining muscle. I want to thank everyone for their support this week. Your comments, motivation and kind words have been wonderful!

My week was not one of my best. I did continue to make time for exercise, but I feel like I really was not pushing myself. I opted for the easy exercises. My parents came over Saturday evening and watched Noah while Brandin and I went out for dinner and a movie. It was so nice to get out but we were both ready to go home and be with Noah, we definitely love having him with us everywhere we go. It is important to make time just one on one with your partner, it was nice. This past weekend I did not track and ate a lot of junk, I felt disgusting Monday. I was bloated and feeling blah. I was extremely strict Monday and lost the water weight I gained over the weekend, thankfully! My husband and I did a lot of changes around the house and it’s refreshing seeing things different. Noah this week tried blueberries and he loves them.

Here’s to another week towards the thin!!

- Steph & Jenn


  1. Keep going ladies! You are all doing great. Even if you did slip up in one way or another, I believe your weekly reports are an excellent way to self reflect and become more aware of your flaws. From there you continue to correct them :) I started my goals shortly after you ladies did. After reading your blogs its been a great motivator! Thanks again!

    1. Checking in weekly and being accountable really does help us pick ourselves up and start fresh after a bad week :). Thank you for your kind words and good luck on your own journey :)!

      Thanks for reading!



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