Friday, January 25, 2013

Eating When Bored

I've noticed over time that I am struggling with a pattern that I have set. When I am bored or watching a show, I always feel that I need to snack. I don't know what it is that triggers me to do this but the need sometimes becomes so overwhelming. I have started to try different ways of beat this craving to snack. Doing a quick 10 minute exercise generally really helps a lot! Once I'm done my 10 minute workout I don't have the craving anymore. Weird, right? I wish I knew why it works, but I just know that it does. Another way to fight the urge is to drink herbal tea. 

Some people may call this emotional eating. I know I always considered emotional eating to be when I was sad, angry or rewarding myself with treats. I have now begun to realize that snacking habits can definitely be related to all sorts of emotions and habits. I speak for myself when I say that if I am stressed or unhappy food is not on my mind whatsoever! I would never be that girl sitting crying and indulging into a tub of ice cream or any other treats. I am the person that likes to celebrate using food or just simply because habit screams at me when I am watching tv! 

Readers, please make sure that you are properly nourished and hydrated, these factors could also potentially make you crave unnecessary snacks. Don't forget that being tired is a huge culprit, your body starts craving foods just to keep your energy up. 

So before snacking and consuming unnecessary foods, ask yourself if you really need it or is this just our body's way of telling us we’re bored.

This is based on my own personal struggle, I know there are many other people out there the same as me. I hope some of my strategies help you, because they have helped me! If the snacking urge arises and you know it's not due to any of the triggers I have mentioned. Refer to Stephie's post about snacks, she mentions a lot of great delicious options! 

- Jenn

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