Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pop Sucks!!

If you know me even just a teeny weeny bit you probably already know that I really freaking hate pop!! Despise, despise, despise that crap!

I used to have a pop addiction. When I lived with Channy in our apartment about 2.5 years ago, I drank ginger-ale like it was the last thing I’d ever do. I would have 3-5 cans a day and would squirt lime into it. It was my go-to drink. No wonder when I moved out I was at my heaviest weight! Pop is basically liquid candy. So disgusting.. and YES (!!!) I do think diet pop is even worse. People drink the stuff at breakfast, lunch and dinner! Each can roughly contains 150 calories, most of which are from sugar (usually high-fructose corn syrup). This is the equivalent of 10 TSP OF TABLE SUGAR!!

Benefits of drinking pop (as if there are any)

  • Caffeine- which can make you more alert and more able to concentrate
    • too much can cause insomnia, anxiety, irritablity and tremors

That’s it my friends.

Disadvantages of drinking pop (here we go...)

  • Added sugar- There is so much damn sugar in pop.. it’s kind of ridiculous. Oh and by the way.. just 20 minutes after drinking pop your blood sugar levels will go through the roof!! This will cause an insulin burst. Want to know what happens after that? Your liver turns the sugar into fat. Lovely right? It can also cause heart disease and type 2 diabetes. If you drink pop you have a  80% increased chance of getting type 2 diabetes
  • It makes you fat! - can cause obesity and serious health problems. If you drink 1 pop a day and don’t change anything else in your diet you can gain up to 15 lbs a year. Also just by drinking 1 pop a day you are 27% more likely to be overweight than those who choose to not drink pop everyday
  • Destroys your teeth- It is very high in acid which softens tooth substance and forms plaque which eats away enamel. Enamel breakdown can lead to cavities( added sugar also causes cavities). Sugar and acid mixed together can make your teeth decay a lot quicker. Plus pop stains your teeth (eww!). Imagine losing all of your teeth because you couldn’t kick a pop addiction?
  • Phosphoric Acid- Linked to kidney stones
  • Caffeine (also a disadvantage)- can make you feel dehydrated as it removes water from the body
  • Its addicting- The way your body reacts to the sugar in the pop has been compared to the way your body reacts to HEROIN
  • No health advantages- No vitamins or essential minerals
  • Bad to the bone- Literally. High quantities of phosphorous will suck calcium out of your bones. Increased soft drink consumption is a major factor that can lead to osteoporosis. 80% of people affected by this are women. 20% are men
  • Contains Sodium Benzoate- Ew. This is used to preserve food! This adds sodium and decreases the availability of potassium in the body. Sodium Benzoate is also linked to asthma and eczema
  • Soda can coating- the coating contains BPA (Bisphenyl-A) which is known as a cancer causing chemical. This chemical has also been linked to reproductive abnormalities

Then you have the debate: regular pop vs diet pop. How about NO POP!? I personally believe that diet pop is worse than regular pop. Not only does it include artificial sweeteners that turn around and make you hungrier it can cause a lot of health issues. Here are a list of health issues associated with drinking “diet” pop:

  • Kidney Decline- Kidney function can start declining after drinking 2 diet pop’s a day. Kidney decline is not associated with drinking sugar-sweetened pop
  • Higher Risk of Metabolic Syndrome- One pop a day is linked to a 34% higher risk of metabolic syndrome which can potentially put you at risk for heart disease. Some other symptoms? Belly fat and high cholesterol.
  • Obesity- And you thought diet pop would HELP you lose weight, eh? Artificial sweeteners can prevent the body’s natural ability to regulate calorie intake based on the sweetness of foods. Your body is tricked into thinking it’s eating sugar when it’s not. This causes you to overeat!
  • Mold Inhibitors-  They are in almost all diet sodas. These chemicals can severely damage DNA in the mitochondria and can potentially inactivate it The mitochondria converts energy into forms that are useable by the cell.

It all comes down to that crappy artificial sweetener.

Diet pop may not contain any calories but the potential risks associated with consuming artificial sweeteners scare me enough to not even think about drinking it ever again. Sadly, diet pop seems to be a huge “thing”. In children consumption has doubled over the last decade and has risen in adults by almost 25%.

Quitting something you’re addicted to is hard..  here are a few steps on quitting the awful habit of drinking pop
  1. Clear all pop out of your house
  2. Have healthy drinks available in your home like water, tea, fruit juices (I only drink cranberry which is rarely). Also have a water bottle near you at all times
  3. Get enough sleep so you don’t need caffeinated beverages to keep you awake throughout the day
  4. Push through the cravings and withdrawal. Feelings of anxiety, restlessness and cravings may happen but push through!

Can you believe all of the crap the can happen from one tiny can of pop? For those who are sitting in front of their computers or phones drinking a soda.. what do you think now?

Thanks for reading!


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