Monday, January 7, 2013

Staying Healthy When Life is Demanding

When you’re busy or overworked it’s easy to just throw caution to the wind and say “screw it”. You’ll order that Big Mac Meal or get a huge serving of poutine instead of staying on track and eating healthier options or controlling your portions. It may be easy at that moment but when you look back on what you did an hour or two later you’ll probably regret it. You’ll think “Why the hell did I just do that?!” and likely feel extremely sick to your stomach.

A busy lifestyle can be hard on you when you’re trying to stay healthy and active. My week nights are ALWAYS busy and it can be really stressful if I’m not prepared. That’s the key.. to BE prepared. One of the things that has helped me most during my weight loss journey is planning ahead. If you fail to plan.. you plan to fail. It’s VERY easy to take the time and decide exactly what you’ll be eating the night beforehand. I usually sit down and calculate all the foods I will be eating, plan out the exact points for the dinner I will either be making or having (if I go somewhere other than home) and then decide from there how I can fill in the blank spots with healthy snacks. They don’t even have to be overly healthy options as long as you control your portions. I have three straight days in a row where I am not going directly home to eat after work.

Tuesday nights are jam nights with my band. I really don’t like missing them and the only time I’ll ever miss it is if I’ve decided to go to a Zumba class or if something family related came up. To make it easier I decided to make a plan. I decided to make tuesday nights “taco tuesday” so I would always know what I was having and it would be easy to prepare it quickly. Taco’s are fairly low in points so the guilt is not there and I can enjoy something a bit higher in points that afternoon. Wednesday nights I go to my grandparents for dinner every week. This one is tough because a lot of the meals my Omi (that’s what I call my lovely grandmother) prepares aren’t exactly what I’d call healthy. I plan ahead and call her to see what she is making ahead of time (and to tell her how much I love and appreciate her :)). By doing this I am able to plan exactly what I will be eating for breakfast and lunch. Thursday night is my favourite night. It is mine and Jenn’s designated hangout day. This one is a little easier as she is on Weight Watchers too and we always talk about what we will be eating that night. We completely plan out our meals ahead of time  and count the points for the snacks we will be eating that night. This makes it soo much easier to get through the day!

It can also be easier to fit in workouts if you plan ahead what nights you want to be active. What if you’re busy every single night of the week and can’t make time to go to the gym or work out? Go for a 10-15 minute stroll at lunch or on your break. Buy an exercise ball and take 10-15 minutes to work out on that either in the morning or when you get home. This may not seem like a lot of time but it is better than not doing anything! . For me, I know I have yoga every thursday afternoon. That is one guaranteed workout for me. Lately I’ve been walking around the neighbourhood familiarizing myself with the paths and the trails (as I’ve recently moved into the area). I live right across the street from a park so even if I want to just put in my 15 minutes I can just walk around the park and get right back to what I was doing in no time. Even if you try to work out 2-4 times a week.. start with a plan. “Monday night I’ll do Zumba, Wednesday night I have some spare time after 7.. maybe I’ll pop in a work out video or hit the gym. Saturday morning I don’t have anything going on so I’ll put in a workout right when I wake up”. Again.. planning ahead can make things A LOT easier and way less stressful! Even schedule your workouts in your calendar so you can’t forget!

Sometimes taking a break from something stressful or frustrating can be a good thing and a workout ALWAYS makes me feel better! How many times have you said “that workout made me feel like shit!” or “that wasn’t worth it at all!”? Probably never. Planning is my biggest thing. I tend to call myself a pre-pre planner and I know it annoys the hell out of my boyfriend because I like to have every last detail known wayyy before I really need to. I may be a bit of a control freak! I like the word “perfectionist” better.


When life is busy don’t let it get you down and cause you to lose motivation. Keep your eye on the prize and plan ahead! It’s easy! You don’t need to be a member of WW to plan. Anyone can do this. Planning is one simple step to make your weight loss journey that little bit easier.

Hope you all have a fantastic day!


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