Thursday, February 7, 2013

Every lb Counts!

Hi all,

So I decided to see exactly how much weight I’ve lost since I decided to stay on track since January 1st. Obviously there have been days where I have struggled but I still lost overall. I was down 5 lbs! I was happy with that as I am in this for the long hull. I am losing weight slowly because I feel more confident it will stay off longer as I am making lifestyle changes and not drastic changes.

Some people get discouraged when they only lose a lb here or a lb there. But every lb counts! It adds up and if you stick to it you WILL obtain your goals! You will succeed. I put my mind to it and I’ve lost almost 45 lbs! I’ve lost the equivalent of the average humans leg!! :|! It’s crazy to think of it that way.

With that all said.. don’t get discouraged when you only lose one lb or if you don’t lose. It’s hard! But if you put your mind to it and give it your all that weight will come off. I can promise you that!


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