Saturday, February 9, 2013

How this blog has helped me get back on track

Before we started this blog I was struggling. I was in a dark place in my life and honestly, food was my comfort. I’d track all day and snack all night. I would go so overboard that I wouldn’t even want to track because I was so afraid to face reality. I was ashamed but would consistently do it almost every night. I gained back about 7 pounds. I was all over the place and was acting out in my relationship and my friendships. I was basically a bitch on an emotional rollercoaster.

In October I lost someone who at one point in my life meant a great deal to me. I think of him every single day. It was tough and to this day I still struggle when I think of him. It is getting easier but I still regret letting the friendship drift away (like I have done with too many friends before) and not talking to him in about a year. We first met in 2003 so I had known him for awhile. It’s hard to talk about.

Even though that had me down, a lot of good things have happened in that time. Liiike I turned 25 and got to spend time with Jenn, her beautiful family and my closest family members. I also moved in with my amazing boyfriend of 1.5 years and that has been going very well. I also travelled to ARUBA which was the best trip ever!! I’ve also been able to spend some quality time with Jenn’s son Noah who has me melted in his palm. I love that child more than anything. I’ve also found my love of Zumba again! So many changes I could go on and on.. the most recent one being that I almost never snack past 9pm anymore. It just feels weird to me now.

It had been a rocky few months and I tried to stay on track but just couldn’t. On January 1st I decided to make this a different year. I decided to consistently track, stay within my points and be active. I planned to get back into the right mindset and I can definitely say that I have! My best friends have helped me TREMENDOUSLY! We talk every single day and it makes it easier having someone who understands completely what I’m going through. I also know I want to check in weekly with you guys and I want to have good news! I want to motivate you and if I can’t do it for myself it will be hard to pass that on!

I hope that reading this blog has helped you get back on track with your journey like it has with mine.

Thanks for reading and for all your wonderful comments and feedback! You guys truly rock!


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