Friday, February 22, 2013

Little Changes Making A Big Difference

On Wednesday I stated in the Week in Review post that I would stop eating past 8pm, and start tracking again. So, that's exactly what I've done. 

I am down 3lbs since Wednesday morning! I am so excited and motivated to see what a week of doing this will do. 

Snacking at night is something I have always done, it's part of my night routine to help me sleep. So, the first night was hard because my brain kept telling me I wanted food but I knew I couldn't have been hungry and this was just habit. So I pushed through, drank an entire bottle of water and just went to sleep. The next night I wasn't even hungry when I went to bed. 

I will continue to weigh in every day, as this this really motivating me to see these small changes making a big difference! 

- Jenn

1 comment :

  1. Three pounds in such a short time is amazing! And it was a healthy way to do it too. I tend to snack at night sometimes or have a tea. I try to avoid it if it's too late. Actually I try to avoid it altogether by asking myself am I really hungry or is it just a habit, for comfort? So often I'll do the same and just have water.


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