Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Loose Leaf Tea

One of the things I’ve recently become a BIG fan of is loose leaf tea. I love it so much that I’ve apparently gotten a few friends into it!

My friend Georgina introduced me to David’s tea back in October. I immediately fell in love! I went a few times after that and finally decided to buy a few bags of tea to take home and try. After that I went through a phase where I just didn’t like the taste of coffee anymore! It just wasn’t up to par!

Up until that point I honestly never liked tea. I always found it boring and tasteless and only drank it when I was sick or feeling really cold. I’d have to add a ton of sugar because to me, it was either too bitter or tasteless. Now I find I can brew tea with my leaves and NEVER have to add anything to sweeten it. It just has sooo much more flavour! Its a 0 pt drink!

The reason I wanted to share this with you is because it’s one thing that really helps curb my appetite. If I’m feeling hungry late at night.. I make some tea! If I’m still hungry after dinner.. I make some tea. If I’m hungry before dinner but don’t want to eat anything or completely ruin my appetite.. I make some tea!

After falling in love with this drink I realized that there are actually benefits in loose leaf tea over regular bagged tea.

Here are a few:

  • Quality- The quality is just sooo much better. Loose leaf teas keep all of the essential oils that are usually lost during the bagging and processing of the leaves.
  • Flavor- As I had mentioned before the flavor really just blows it out of the water. When I look at my leaves it’s so interesting to see all of the colours and large chunks of pretty much anything! So much flavour!! Plus the scent
  • Price- I find that my tea leaves last soo much longer. I read somewhere that bagged tea can cost up to $0.20 a cup where the leaves can cost as low as $0.05 a cup! You are also able to reuse or as they said “re-infuse”  the leaves up to 4 more times after initially using them.

Also there are health benefits just from drinking tea (especially loose leaf) in general! Tea consumption can benefit the health of bones, skin, teeth and gums, hearts and prostate glands. It also boosts metabolism and weight loss, can block allergic reactions and can delay the onset of diabetes and protect against parkinson’s disease.

What are some of my favourites? I get all of my loose leaf tea from David’s Tea. My go-to’s are Coco Chai Rooibos, Bamboozled, Alpine Punch, Happy Kombucha, and Forever Nuts. They even have one called Cold 911 which worked well when I was sick in December.The great part about going to David’s Tea is that they ALWAYS have hot tea available to taste test and they switch it up every day. I’ve never gone in and had one I’ve already tried.

I know tea bags are more convenient and possibly easier to use but the quality and flavor is what really pushes me in the direction of loose leaf tea. If you haven’t tried it.. please do! It was a life changer for me :).

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  1. Whoa! True! Teas are really great. Amazing! I love it too. There is really something about it that made me smile.


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