Sunday, February 3, 2013

Power Food: Eggs

As a group we have decided that power foods are extremely important to have in our diet. They really help make us feel fuller longer and they are healthy food options. Every two weeks one of us is going to pick a power food and we will all write about it, explaining how this food benefits us and how we like it prepared.

This is our first power food post. I (Jenn) have volunteered to start with the food EGGS, because I love them! There are so many health benefits to eating eggs. A study has been done that women who eat 6 eggs a week decrease their chances of breast cancer by 44%. Do you want your hair to grow faster? Adding eggs to your diet can get your hair growing especially if your body is lacking sulphur or B12. Lots of benefits to eating eggs, these are just two!


I love eggs, I can eat them all different ways. My favorite way to prepare my eggs is over easy. Then I love to dip my toast in the yolk, then eat the egg whites alone or I will make a little mini sandwich with my left over toast. Eggs are super filling, if I eat them for breakfast having a light lunch is easy for me. Sometimes I make breakfast for dinner when we are rushed and I don't have the urge to snack at all that night. I enjoy eating eggs, scrambled, over-easy, hard boiled and in an omelet.

I struggled with making the perfect over easy egg, here is how I perfected it!
You’ll want to use a non-stick frying pan, I use one tsp margarine in the pan to make sure the egg wont stick, some people like to use butter or cooking sprays. Temperature is important, I set the burner to be on 7. You want the egg to sizzle when it touches the pan. Then I just watch for the egg whites to cook, once they are just about done I flip the egg. Only leave the egg maybe 20-30 seconds and remove then enjoy your over easy egg!  


I’ve never been a big fan of eggs. My favourite way to eat them is IN something or deviled! Lately I’ve been eating eggs more frequently because it really does keep me full in the morning. I also find it’s a great way to start my morning.. with some protein! Usually I’ll eat them scrambled with a little bit of shredded cheddar cheese.

Here’s how I do it:

1-3 eggs (my perfect amount is 1.5 so I sometimes split the pan with my boyfriend and use 3)
Pam or any other oil spray
a tbsp or 2 of cheddar cheese
Salt & Pepper (optional)

1. Spray the pan
2. Break the eggs into the pan (or you can break them into a cup, mix with fork or whisk and then add to the pan)
3. Scramble! I usually add the S&P at this time but you can add it at the end if you prefer it that way.
4. Add cheese in when the egg is still a bit moist. Scramble for a few seconds.
5. Taadahhh!! Enjoy!

I like my eggs to still be a bit moist but I know some prefer cooking them so long they’re a bit brown.. so you do what you gotta do! Usually makes for a good 4 pt breakfast!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our first power foods post! Look for the next one in about 2 weeks!

Jenn & Jenn

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