Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Review of Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown Part 1

For Christmas I got an HMV gift card from friends of my grandparents. It was a really great gesture and totally unexpected. I don’t normally shop there but I decided to check out the fitness videos as I wanted something different. That is where I found Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown.

This is definitely no regular yoga DVD. This is like double time yoga! I thought yoga was hard when we do it in the office every Thursday but this was like nothing I had ever tried before. The dvd comes with two workouts. Level one and level two. The first time I did the video I literally thought I was going to die. I started with level one and almost immediately built up a sweat. The moves were different than the ones I knew from class and there wasn’t really a lot of balancing. I found the majority of the moves used a lot of upper body strength (which I realized I don’t have much of!). This was really different for me as I’m used to doing the downward dog and this had a lot of plank. The video was about 30 minutes long.

Last Tuesday I decided to do it again. I found it was much easier the second time as I remembered some of the moves and didn’t feel like I had to look at my TV screen as much. I still thought it was really hard but found that I was pushing myself more than the first time. I definitely feel more confident that the next time will be even easier.

What I liked
I was a bit worried about this video because I know Jillian is kind of a hard ass and a bit intimidating. I didn’t see that at all in this video. She pushed you and encouraged in a great way that made me want to keep on going and pushing myself harder! In the end I was shaking soo much! but I felt great :)!

I liked the fact that she showed two other people doing the moves as well.. one beginners and one intermediate. It made me feel better that it is normal to go down to my knees in certain moves because I have a few foot injuries.

I also liked that it was a quick workout but I was sweating my butt off!! Holy crap. I sweat more during that yoga dvd than I do sometimes in Zumba!

What I didn’t like
I didn’t enjoy the fact that a lot of the moves focused on upper body strength. It was really hard for me. I have found that I am getting stronger in my arms so hopefully this is helping!

This is very different than any yoga I’ve tried before but I’d definitely do it again. I can see it helping me in my yoga classes and my upper body strength. I’d rate the level 1 class a 8/10.

I’ll keep pushing myself and update you when I try level 2.

Hope you check this out!



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