Sunday, March 31, 2013

Power Food Post: Pork!

Hey all,

So this was my (steph’s) week to pick a power food that I love. I decided to pick pork! To my friends and family who knew me way back when I was a pig obsessed pre-teen/teenager you may be a bit surprised. I actually went 6 years without eating any pork products. Pigs were my favourite animals growing up and the thought of eating one seriously revolted me. A lot has changed since then and I couldn’t go any longer without bacon! I started incorporating it back about 10 years ago.

I now would say that pork chops are one of my favourite foods. I like them done anyway.. especially barbecued! My mom seriously makes the bessssssssssssst pork chops! Anyways.. I live in an apartment and we don’t have a barbecue so I do mine on the stove. When I do this I like to buy the boneless, smaller pork chops as they cook up a lot faster! I also get to enjoy about 1-1.5 chops because of this. These are a lot thicker than the “pan fry” ones you see at the store though.

Here’s how I do it:


Boneless pork chops
Salt & pepper
Garlic powder

1. Season the pork chops with as much salt, pepper and garlic powder as you want. (both sides)
2. Heat oil in frying pan (larger pan is better) over medium-high heat
3. Pan fry the chops for about 2-4 minutes on each side (these are for smaller chops.. adjust this time based on the size of the chops).
4. After all chops are golden remove from heat and wrap in tinfoil for 8-10 minutes (they will continue cooking at this point)
5. Enjoy! I like to serve mine with applesauce! yummm!!!

I always check the internal temperature of my meat and it should be between 155F-160F. Also, pork is supposed to be enjoyed when the insides are still a bit pink (a bit!!). I was always grossed out by this.. but not anymore! Don’t knock it until you try it :)

Jenn: When I was a child eating pork was never something that was typically served at the table because my Grandma and Dad both avoid it due to religious reasons. I would have pork at my Nanny and Poppy’s house occasionally, and it was such a treat! My husband Brandin is a huge fan of pork so I have learned different recipes. This following recipe is what Brandin made for me on one of our first dates and it’s still one of our favourites.
What you’ll need: Butterfly pork chops, condensed cream of mushroom soup, onion, salt & pepper.


  • On a lightly greased large skillet, cook the chops and chopped onion until brown and almost cooked.
  • Remove the chops from the skillet.
  • Add can of cream of mushroom soup and ½ cup of milk to skillet, bring to a boil.
  • Put the chops back in the skillet with the soup and turn the heat down to a low setting.
  • Cover and let chops finish cooking through.
  • Add salt and pepper to taste.

This is great paired with some steamed veggies and mashed potatoes.

Bon Appetite!

Thanks for reading!

Steph and Jenn

Friday, March 29, 2013


I’ve been a bit hard on myself lately. I’ve gained the last two weeks and it’s really made me feel crappy. I know it’s my own fault because I wasn’t tracking properly .. nor was I really trying. I fell back into old habits and basically stopped caring.

I’ve been somewhat mean to myself. THIS type of behaviour is not fair. I’m not this girl anymore:

I don’t have a huge double chin anymore:

I need to stop acting like having a bad week or two is going to automatically revert me back to the person I used to be and that I’ll be fat again or I’ll be depressed again.. I’ll be lost again. That isn’t me anymore. I’m different now. I don’t need to smile for people to see the happiness in my eyes.. I don’t need to TRY to be happy. It’s automatic. I automatically smile all the time!

This is who I am:

I am HAPPY AS HELL! I don’t even need to smile for you to see it! My happiness comes naturally. So what if I gain a few pounds? There is no need to tear myself down. I’m still me inside. I have not only changed on the outside... I’ve changed on the inside. And I LOVE this person.

I know even though I’ve gained a few pounds back that I am STILL on a mission. I am not going to give up my weight loss journey because of a bad week or two. Before this I would have said “F it” and continued spiralling and gained all the weight I had lost.. and more. Not this time. This set back isn’t going to ruin me.. it is going to strengthen me! It’s already strengthened me that since Monday I’ve already lost 3 of the lbs I gained back!

Thanks for listening to my rant :)


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jenn's Pedometer Challenge

I have been looking for something new to try that will challenge me. After doing some research I have decided on purchasing my very first pedometer. The last time I even saw one of these things was when my grandma got one in her box of cereal. I remember playing with it when I was probably around 8 years old.

I plan on tracking my steps from morning to night, and learning just how active I am. I am positive without tracking my steps that lately I fall in the low active category.  

I want to and will achieve 10,000 steps as my goal. I might not reach this right away but this is the number I will strive for.

I found interesting information and helpful guidelines on,

Please keep checking back for my weekly updates.
Thanks :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Week in Review

Jenn: This week definitely was not one of my best. I did however manage to still drop .2lb, I am glad I am able to maintain what I have lost. I over ate and didn't make the best choices. I am also having a hard time incorporating veggies, so I bought the things I need to make my yummy veggie smoothie to help get those veggies down! I went out and got a manicure and pedicure with a friend, then did a little shopping. It was much needed and felt rejuvenating getting pampered. I also made a bracelet with Stephie on Sunday, making jewelry is so fun. Making time for me is so important and really lifts my spirits.
Spring is in the air, and having the windows cracked open letting in that gorgeous smell of spring leak into the house makes me super happy inside.
I am starting a new challenge, keep posted as I will be telling you all about it tomorrow morning!
This is a new week and I'm feeling really motivated.

Steph: Hey all.. this week was not so good for me. I feel like I’ve fallen into my old routine and I need to snap out of it! Last week I said I would go hard.. but I didn’t.. not even close! Probably because I didn’t make a plan. Well I have now! Here it is:

  • No eating past 9pm unless it is a 0 pt food
  • Track everything.. preferably before I eat it
  • Make sure I am reaching all my daily “health checks”
  • Don’t go overboard with the big meals and try to pre-plan as much as possible.. I’ve got a potluck and two big Easter dinners within the next 4 days!

I’m also going to try to get a picture of all my meals and will share them on instagram (I’m user Stephiej17.. follow me!). I say try because it can be pretty rude to bust out your camera during a meal when you’re not at your own home. I feel comfortable doing that with my family.. but would feel a bit rude doing it in front of Pete’s. I want to do this as I think it will motivate me to make better choices.. if I am showing everyone what I am consuming I will be more likely to consume something healthy.
Thanks for your support friends!

Chan: Not too much to say this week. I’m feeling really unmotivated the last 2 weeks. There’s no excuse for it really, I just haven’t been strict enough with myself. I didn’t gain but didn’t lose and it’s because I’ve been lazy. It’s a new week and I am determined to be down next week! Summer is creeping up very fast and I just need to keep reminding myself that bikini season will be here before I know it! That’s it from me for now! Have a great Easter weekend! :)

Jenn, Steph & Chan

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Power Food: Strawberries

Today we share some delicious recipes using the power food strawberries! This berry is the most popular of all berries worldwide, and has many health benefits. Due to strawberries having a large dose of vitamin C and antioxidants eating this popular fruit daily can help prevent certain types of cancer, help rid inflammation, and can help your eyes by preventing age related macular degeneration in over ⅓ of people.
Jenn: Strawberries are definitely one of my favourite choices when eating fruit. I love eating them in salads, desserts, dipped in chocolate, smoothies, and of course plain.

Here is an easy smoothie recipe, put the following ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

  • 1 cup strawberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 cup mango pieces (fresh or frozen)
  • ½ cup vanilla greek yogurt
  • 1 cup orange juice

When I drink this smoothie it reminds me of the summer time and sitting outdoors on the back patio just enjoying. Looking forward to more time outdoors this year!

Steph: I absolutely LOVE strawberries. They’ve been one of my top 3 favourite fruits since I was a child. My family would often go to the strawberry patch and pick our own! Local Ontario strawberries are THE BEST!!! My mom would almost always have strawberries available when I was growing up and would cut them up and put some lemon on them. I used to eat them plain, with a little bit of sugar, with a bit of cool whip or even on ice cream! I have to admit I prefer them plain the best (unless they’re sour)!

I decided to try a new recipe last summer that I had found on Pinterest and absolutely fell in love. PLUS my family loved them and had never seen anything like it before. Here it is:

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

Strawberries (bigger the better)
8 oz cream cheese, softened (I used light)
3 Tbsp powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
Graham cracker crumbs

1. Rinse strawberries and cut off the top (and remove the inside stemish part) with a knife
2. In a small/medium sized bowl beat cream cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla until smooth and creamy
3. Resist the urge to stop all together and eat the filling hahaha. BY FAR the hardest part :P
4. Add cheesecake mixture to either a piping bag or ziploc bag (cut off a small part of the corner)
5. Fill strawberries all the way with cheesecake mixture
6. Lay the graham crumbs in either a small bowl or on a plate.
7. Dip the top of the strawberries into the graham cracker crumbs. (do this very lightly or the top of the strawberry will have crumbs over it.. trial and error type thing)
8. Voila!! Refrigerate until serving

I hope you enjoy this :)!

Steph & Jenn

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Review- Smart Ones Sante Fe Style Rice & Beans

This meal is BY FAR my absolute favourite frozen meal ever. Even before I joined Weight Watchers I LOVED it. I’d always take them for lunch because they’re so easy and so flavourful!
Not only is it different from the average and usual frozen dinner but it has a bit of bite to it. It’s also VERY filling which is a nice feeling. I would advise you to NOT do yoga after eating these in fear of a little toot action that might occur.
Taste: 5/5
As I said before this frozen dish is so flavourful! I absolutely love it. I also like the fact that it is slightly spicy as I am a big fan of hot/spicy foods. This is the first and only time I’ve ever had beans and rice.

Points value, was it worth it?: 4/5
This meal is worth 7 pp. I’d say that is pretty average (maybe a bit below average) for a frozen dinner. It’s filling, delicious and has a good consistency to it. I’d say that it is definitely worth the 7 points. I’d probably have a side of vegetables with it though.

Expectation vs Reality?: 4/5

Like I said in my last review.. actually getting a frozen meal that LOOKS like the picture on the box is basically never going to happen. It can actually look kind of gross in person! lol.

Guaranteed the meal on the box was either fake or made very fresh. It also looks like on the box there is 3-4 actual servings of the rice. Nope! Not in this tiny box

Overall Rating 4.5/5
I gave this meal a 4.5/5 because though it is NEARLY a perfect lunch (for me) and the taste is exceptional I would not eat this every day or more than once or twice a week because of the high sodium content.

Hope you try this!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easy Homemade Moisturizing Sugar Scrub

I love the feeling while I exfoliate my skin and especially love how wonderful it feels afterwards. Here is an easy at home recipe with ingredients that most people have in their kitchen. This mixture will buff away dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling fantastic and fresh.

Things you’ll need: Olive oil and white sugar. Add your favourite scented essential oil to give the scrub a nice smell, but it’s not necessary.

For every 1 part sugar add ½ part oil (For example: ½ cup sugar use ¼ cup olive oil). Mix the two in a bowl, and then start buffing away. Be careful not to put lots of pressure on your skin as the sugar will do most of the work for you. I recommend scrubbing in a circular motion, and doing this in the shower. ((Warning: the oil can make the tub slippery, so be careful!)) I have tried this on my face and it worked great!

You can make a large batch of this scrub to keep in the bathroom but the sugar will sink to the bottom, so be sure to bring a spoon with you to mix it up. Personally I make just enough to use that day.

There are many benefits to exfoliating your skin, in my opinion it’s just as important as having a skin care routine and should be done 2-3 times a week. When you exfoliate it keeps the skin looking radiant. By buffing those dead skin cells away it will help keep your pores clear and in turn keep acne under control. Also by removing those unwanted dead skin cells it speeds up the natural renewal process and helps whatever skin care you use penetrate deeper into your skin.

Happy exfoliating!

- Jenn

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Turning Points

I’ve worn a mask for the majority of my life. I wanted to show people that I was “happy” and that I was strong and that I could roll with the punches. I was the type of person who would consistently get kicked down and would think that in time all of the cracks and all of the internal pain would just heal itself. I felt like a “loser” for the majority of my life. I was never popular or well liked. I was shy and never spoke up or defended myself when I was picked on. I remember growing up thinking that I’d be alone forever and would often cry myself to sleep. I didn’t think any man would ever find me attractive and didn’t have my first kiss until I was 15 years old. Which at the time felt pathetic as I had grown up with kids who started having sex in the 5th-6th grade and already had relationships that lasted years. Now I have to admit I look back and don’t feel like the pathetic one. I think I may have suffered from depression, but was always too scared to tell anyone.

I had my first “real” boyfriend at the age of 16. His name was Jermaine or “Bob” as some people called him. We dated for 6 months and I thought he was amazing and truly believed he loved me. He was so convincing. The first time we ever talked on the phone we stayed on the line for 8 hours straight. This happened often. He would also come to visit me on weekends and we’d hang out with friends. Not soon after things started becoming more inconsistent. He’d arrive 2,3 sometimes even 4 hours late and wouldn’t get to my house until 11 pm. As a 16 year old my parents were NOT impressed. I still stuck by him even though he let me down and hurt me. One night my friend Donna called me and told me that her boyfriend at the time, Eddie (who was Jermaine’s best friend), told her that Bob was at a pajama party with a bunch of other girls and that they both thought it was REALLY weird. I did too and was shocked he wouldn’t have told me about something like this. I should have known better but I stuck with him. I eventually found out that he had another girlfriend (his friend’s cousin) that he started dating a few months after we started going out. He also had a girlfriend of FOUR YEARS!! I was blown away. This BOY laughed in my face while I cried my face off after he hurt me so badly. He went on to tell me years later that hurting me was his biggest regret.

That was my first relationship.

The following few years involved me being hurt, pressured and played by multiple men. I had a very unhealthy and sad lifestyle. When I was 18 I met a guy who seemed different.. he seemed genuine. Our relationship started out wonderfully.. or so I thought. We saw each other every single day and spent all of our spare time together. I truly thought this was “the one”. We dated for 4.5 years and after the first year or so things drastically changed. We were fighting all the time, weren’t going out to do anything, stayed in constantly and we both lost multiple friends in the process. We constantly put each other down, made each other feel like crap and probably stayed together for so long because we were “comfortable”. It’s easy to throw the blame on the other person but I know I played a big part in how things played out too. I drastically changed as a person in those 4.5 years. I became unhappy, bitter and was a miserable person in general. I felt like I would get into trouble if I hung out with my friends or spent a weekend away from him. I even heard once (in reference to Jenn) “She isn't your best friend.. I AM!!” That was the first time I ever stuck up for myself and put my foot down. I said something along the lines of “She IS my best friend.. we’re allowed to have friendships outside of this relationship you know!” and added that being my boyfriend and being my best friend was a packaged deal. Things still continued to spiral and so did my patience. We continued to fight on a daily basis and I was finally fighting back.

In October of 2010 Chantelle moved out of our apartment to move across the country for work. I decided to move back home at that time to save money. I thought that being with someone for almost 5 years meant that you could rely on them in specific situations.. one being moving. Chan was out of the apartment and I was alone for 1.5 months. During that time I sold some furniture and had men coming to the house to look at it or pick it up. I was honestly scared as I was alone in this apartment and they could have done anything. I asked him to come over to be there when these guys came. I asked him three separate times and got a blunt “No, I’d rather play basketball” and “No, I’m making pizza” and “No, I don’t feel like it.” I was livid. After all of the things I’d done including taking him into my own home when he was kicked out and driving him anywhere he wanted to go(for 4.5 years straight) he couldn’t even come over and help me to feel safe? I then felt extremely let down and sad. I stayed at my parents house for a lot of the night moving stuff in and watching our dog, Brady, while they were gone for the evening. While I was there I called Jenn to vent. This was the first time she ever told me not to work on my relationship. This was the first time she opened my eyes to what was really happening.. emotional abuse. We talked for over an hour while I sat on my parents bed bawling my eyes out. She told me what she was seeing and she told me I needed to leave him ASAP. She told me how, she told me exactly what I should say and comforted me in saying that she will be there for me no matter what.  Even after that I still forgave his bullshit. The next day he called me while I was at work and asked if I wanted to go watch football at our friends house (which was one place we actually got along because I was around sociable, friendly people). We barely talked the whole evening as I was still mad but it was nice being around our friends. The very next day I asked him for his help in moving and he completely let me down once again and lied flat out. I caught him. Not only had I went out of my way that very day to drive him home from Waterloo (would have been a 3-4 hour walk) but he couldn’t even try to find a way to help me.

This was my turning point. This was my fresh start.

I lost it. I snapped! I ended it right then and there. This was the beginning of my new life. Immediately after making this extremely drastic change in my life things started to get better. I spent more time with family and friends, I enjoyed work more, I started going out and doing things and the big thing.. I started to love myself again. It was a long journey but so many good things happened. I started my weight loss journey, I became more confident, I started to smile again.. like genuine, full out smile again, I got a promotion to full time at my job, bought a brand new car, started dating NICE guys. I was also able to openly talk about the things I had been through with my friends that I had kept to myself. I wasn’t scared anymore.

My life changed drastically. All because I decided to step out of my comfort zone and turn my life around. It was hard.. and I knew it would be but I knew being alone and happy was better than feeling alone and being unhappy.

In the end I got the one thing I wanted all along. A guy like Pete! A guy who respects me and makes me feel beautiful. Someone who is there to make me feel better and to wipe away my tears. Someone who is supportive and I can be my true wacky self with. I made the change and the best possible thing happened. I got the guy I was crushing on for months or as Jenn would call him “my biggest crush EVER!!”. Now I see only goodness in my future and am surrounded with love. I am with someone who sees a future with me and treats me the way I love to be treated. For this I am so, so, so thankful for my past experiences.. good and bad. They’ve shown me what I want. They’ve taught me what I need. I am forever a changed person.

You don’t have to live your life a certain way just because you feel “comfortable”. We live in a society that allows us to choose our path and to create our own destiny. We are who we choose to be and no one is going to come and save you. You need to save yourself. If you need a change or if you need to completely turn over a new leaf.. you are able to do this!  It is up to you to admit that you are unhappy with the way you have been living your life and to go from there. You deserve to be treated like the beautiful person you are and should never feel like a doormat. If someone treats you badly you have the right to leave and you SHOULD. Never settle for less than what you deserve. When things aren’t adding to your life it’s time to start subtracting. You should decide when it is time for your turning point. Whether your turning point is leaving an abusive relationship, changing your eating habits, changing your attitude or even trying new things. If you do what you always did you will get what you always got. Change doesn’t have to be scary! Change can be refreshing and eye opening.

I will leave you with this:

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Week In Review

Steph: This week wasn’t my best. I was out of town for most of the weekend and found it hard to stay on track. When I returned and weighed in on Monday I was up 3 LBS!!! Gahh.. I wanted to slap myself! Everyone is allowed to have a weekend away to enjoy themselves though. Since Monday I’ve lost those 3 lbs and an additional .2 lbs which makes me feel a bit better :)

Also, I finally got my zumba membership this week and am planning on going 2-3 times a week from now on. Hopefully more! This is a fresh week and I am going to go hard!

Jenn: Another good week for me, down 1.8lbs, I seem to really be making a lifestyle change. I am still continuing not to snack at night and feel weird now if I do. I am not working out as frequently as I was before. I got another tattoo on Saturday and I have to say it was the most uncomfortable location for me. My other tattoo’s did not feel nearly as painful as this one did. Once this tattoo is healed I will be setting another workout goal for myself.
Noah this week tried cheese and hated it, but really enjoyed yogurt. He’s eating such a variety of solid foods now, it’s fun making him little meals.

Chan: I feel like I fell off the face of the earth last week from everything! Well I guess I kinda did actually haha. I came down with something, still not entirely sure what, that kept me on the couch and housebound from Monday until I went back to work on Friday. I didn’t track at all last week. I barely ate because I was feeling so under the weather, and to be honest, I just wasn’t motivated at all. I either laid on the couch or laid in bed and that’s about it. The good news is that as of Sunday, I got my act together. I’m not going to take the number on the scale this week very seriously because I know there’s a good chance it will greatly fluctuate as I get back on track and get my act together. I’m back into it, and I can’t wait to share a yummy peanut butter pie recipe in the coming days! :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yes, you are beautiful!

Many women don’t think they are beautiful. Is it due to the pressure our society and media puts on females and males to look a certain way? Or is it because of family or friends that put pressure on us to be that smaller size?

Like most people I have my days where I really feel blah about myself. I have a family that has never struggled with weight like I have, it’s almost effortless for them to stay thin or lose weight with the snap of a finger. Due to that I sometimes feel an unspoken pressure to be a certain size. In reality this is totally due to my own personal emotional state of mind.

As each of us grow older we change, our bodies change and life has challenges. Being larger than you were when you were a teenager, or having extra expression lines (wrinkles) does not make you any less beautiful. If anything you are more beautiful now than ever before. If ever in doubt look at all you have accomplished as a person and in life!

Every woman and man of every shape and size is beautiful.

If only people could see what they look like through other peoples eyes, because if they're feeling down about themselves it could really open their eyes to how amazing they really are.

I for one am realizing that I need to love me for me, this is who I am and I rock! I don’t need to worry or stress about my imperfections or my size, because I am me and no one else will ever be like me. I am learning to be proud of myself for who I am today, and striving to live a healthier life. If losing weight during this 'learning to love me' stage in my life is happening then awesome.

Doing things that make us healthier human beings is one huge step in loving yourself. 

- Jenn

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weight Loss Bullying

One thing I never thought I’d experience after losing weight is bullying ABOUT my weight loss. This is a very, very sad thing that has happened to me. I do not condone any bullying whatsoever.. I’ve been a victim MANY, MANY times and some of the time it was from my “friends”. I’ve had friends who would roll their eyes after things I’ve said, make fun of my opinions and talk crap about me to my other friends. They’d get jealous of the guys I would hang out with or be upset when I hung out with other friends. I thought those things were over in high school! I eventually thought “screw them” and distanced myself from the sad type of people that they are (were? let’s hope.) I became an extremely positive person and surrounded myself with great people! I truly changed myself for the better in so many ways.

Now that I’ve lost over 48 lbs, I am experiencing bullying in a whole different way! A lot of my friends are extremely, extremely supportive. I’ve heard non-stop compliments from them and even a lot of “Thank you for opening up my eyes” and “You’ve helped me change for the better”. What I don’t like hearing is the things people say about me to other people. Thinking it’s funny that I’m “strict” or on top of things. That I think it’s important to track everything and to be accountable for everything. Making fun of me for weighing in weekly.. which is important and not doing so is only making your personal weight loss harder for yourself. Also trying to “one up” me... my personal journey is NOT a competition! 

I’m not sure how people think this is supposed to come across. “How pathetic.. you’re committed to something that involves bettering yourself!” or “Hey you never have given up a food you love.. but YOU’RE TOO STRICT!!”. Kind of makes me laugh! I think a big part of why people choose to put others down or make other people feel uncomfortable is because they're insecure about the fact that they are feeling out of control. I've learned this lesson from Chan as she has frequently helped pick me up when I was feeling down about being bullied. Instead of putting others down to make yourself feel better because you are feeling out of control, look to those who are successful and ask them for support and help. I’m not trying to tell you how to live, but I can tell you that your negative words hurt and they don’t help anybody. Not only are you hurting others but you are hurting yourself in the long run.

To those who bully people who are trying to better themselves.. SHAME ON YOU! Take a look in the mirror and think about what YOU are doing to better yourself. Maybe you should re-evaluate some things in your own life and learn that sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut and your thoughts to yourself. To those who are being bullied, remember that this is your journey and only your journey. Do not let other’s opinions and insecurities affect your success or the outcome of your hard work. Keep on going!

Let’s not be a bunch of “mean girls” this isn’t highschool... this is the real life.

Food for thought?


Friday, March 8, 2013

Leopard Print Nail Tutorial

I absolutely love doing my nails, I have quite the collection of colours and brands. I am no professional, but due to a suggestion from my friend I decided to do a little tutorial on how to do leopard print nails.

Things you’ll need: Four different nail polishes, one of them being black and one being a top coat. The other colours are totally up to you. A nail blotting tool, nail art brush (or toothpick) and a piece of paper.   

Step One: Pick your colours, you can choose any assortment of colours. Today I used, Revlon Gold 925, Essence Black is back 144, and Essence Walk of fame 34. 
Step Two: Paint your base colour, mine is Revlon Gold 925. 

Step Three: Get a piece of paper or something that you can use to put dots of polish on. This makes things much easier instead of putting the blotting tool right in the polish bottle. Also grab your nail polish blotter and nail design brush. You may use a toothpick and it will work similar. 

Step Four: Put a dot of the colour you've chosen on the paper or whatever you’re using. Then put spots on your nails, I used Essence Walk of fame 34.

Step Five: Next put a dot of black polish to use. I used Essence Black is back 144. This is when using the nail art brush makes things much easier, you may also take your time and use a toothpick. 

Step Six: Now you will need to make curves of black polish around the dots, like a “C” and a backwards “C”. Then put random black dots in the free space at the end. 

It will look something like this.

Step Seven: Once your design has dried, seal it with your favourite top coat.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial on Leopard Print Nails!

- Jenn

Thursday, March 7, 2013

So you had a bad day..?

One thing I’ve always followed as a Weight Watcher is to pick yourself back up IMMEDIATELY. When you have an off day.. start over! Not next month.. not next week.. not in a few days.. not tomorrow. RIGHT NOW. The very next meal, the very next snack. You’re on a mission to get somewhere. Continue on that mission again right away. The more you get sidetracked, the more you will be okay with doing it and you will let it happen more frequently. I’ve heard many people say “well I’ve already ruined today .. what’s one more crappy meal or one meal piece of cake?”. That is the absolute worst attitude to have. Starting over is the easy part.

It’s like getting a flat tire. Are you going to sit there for the day and wait to see if repairs itself the next day? Are you going to say “screw it.. I’ll sit here at the side of the road until I’m ready to repair it” or are you going to get out of your car and deal with it right away? You fix that thing right away! If you don’t you’re messing up your schedule and plans... You’ll feel confused, frustrated and lost! You’ll have wasted a ton of time.

It’s okay to have a bad day.. it’s okay to splurge every once in awhile. What isn’t okay is making a habit out of it. Yes tomorrow is a new day.. but how many new day’s are there until you end up back where you started? You shouldn’t beat yourself up for making a mistake and going off plan. We all have challenges and difficult times when it comes to losing weight and making a lifestyle change. I’ve been there. I had multiple bad days in a row and I spiraled out of control. Now I am in the “own it, learn and move on” mindset. It’s easier to have a minor slip and pick yourself up immediately then it is to cram a ton of food in your mouth, feel absolutely shitty and then try to get back on track. Instead of taking 5 steps backward.. try to only take 1. Or better yet try to talk yourself into taking a step forward.

You want this change? YOU make it. YOU choose your path.. you can take the hard road or the harder road. This isn’t easy. This will never be easy.. but it will be worth it.

Stick to it peeps!

Love and whatnot,


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

GlossyBox February Review!

So on February 27th I got my GlossyBox! This is the one thing every single month that I look forward to. I’ve subscribed to 2 other boxes and now only subscribe to 2 total (one of which I might cancel). I used to subscribe to topbox but was extremely disappointed so will not be going back. Their selection and lack of full sized products is what really did it for me. I also subscribe to Loose Buttons Luxebox which I’ve only received one box from but was pleasantly surprised.

I found out about these boxes by seeing people frequently post their “Birchbox” on their blog’s. I was very interested but disappointed that they didn’t ship to Canada. I did some research and found a few Canadian ones. GlossyBox has so far been the absolute best. I get them every month (towards the end of the month) and pay a monthly subscription of $21 that I can cancel at any time. At first it was the one I was least excited about because the brands weren’t as good as the other ones.. but now I am absolutely in LOVE! I love how they tell you that you’ll be getting 5 samples a month but I’ve always gotten more. A lot of the time the samples are full sized item’s as well!

Anyway’s this will be a long post so I’ll get right into it!

This is what you get in the mail:

It comes shipped in the same box every month which makes it easy to tell when I recieve it. I literally jump up and down every time it get’s delivered in the mail.

Once you open the box you will see the actual GlossyBox. It’s always packed in a pretty, durable box which I like to keep and reuse for gift’s or storage. This month they had a box I hadn’t seen before in celebration of GlossyBox’s Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary GlossyBox!

Once you open the box you see the pretty packaging. It always looks so nice!!

and once it’s unwrapped...

They also always send a card along with the box that has a little message on the inside and on the other side tells you about the products. I like looking at this for reference later on to compare pricing. Sometimes it’s kind of crazy to see that ONE item is the cost of your entire GlossyBox! I also like the fact that that they advertise that they only send about 5 items and I get about 6-8 items every box!

Here’s what I got!:

Givenchy Gloss Interdit No. #3 Coral Frenzy

I have sooo many lip glosses. But a girl can always use more, right!? I’ve never tried a Givenchy lip gloss but I really enjoy this one. The colour is GREAT and I love coral, A LOT! I tend to use this coral a lot whether it is in my lipgloss or blush. PLUS the colour is supposed to be a hot colour this spring.. so there ya go!

Overall, the texture is nice and not too sticky and the smell is actually really good. I’ll probably use this one a lot but will likely not be purchasing a full sized version as that is $30!

Rating: 5/5

Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in Rock Angel

So I tried the eyeshadow the morning after receiving my box and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I’d never heard of this brand before so I was unsure of what to expect. I like to stick to one or two brands of eye shadow.. Urban Decay and MAC. They’ve never let me down so I tend to stick to what I know!

I’m not really one to wear bright coloured eyeshadows anymore as I like to keep my makeup natural looking, but this was really nice. The colours were nice and not over the top. The green went on really nicely! PLUS if you layer the colours you get a very nice pigmented colour. I used 1-2 layers as I was only wearing them to work. I’m really excited to play with this more. Also, this was a full sized item which made me really,really happy!

Rating: 5/5

Biore Deep Cleaning Pore Strips - Ultra

So I used this over the weekend and I have to admit I was pretty surprised. I had bought the Biore Pore Strips a week or two before.. but not the Ultra. The ultra surprisingly worked better! It pulled out more gunk than the previous two times I had done it with the regular version. I have to admit it didn’t pull out as much as I wanted to and I still was able to squeeze some blackheads out after worked.. scratch that.. a lot of blackheads. I probably won’t buy pore strips again. This was another full sized item

Rating: 2/5

Macadamia Natural Oil - Heating Oil Treatment

I’ve never used an oil like this in my hair. I don’t really enjoy putting product or anything out of the ordinary in my hair, but I was really surprised with this one. It actually made my hair look softer and healthier after just one use. I probably used less than is required (I have thinner hair and putting things in my hair can sometimes make it look very greasy) and it still made a difference. It also cut my drying time in half! I really enjoyed this product and thought it smelled really, really good! I’d buy again for sure!!

Rating: 5/5

Anatomicals You need a Blooming Shower!- Rose and Jasmine Body Cleanser

I’d never actually heard of this brand before so I was excited to try it. I was also happy because the night before receiving the box I had used up the last of my body wash.. so this was perfect timing! I read on the GlossyBox Facebook page that one girl really disliked it because it smelled grandma-ish. I don’t know what she was thinking or if she didn’t know what “rose” smelled like.. but it smelled like I was lathering my body with pure roses!! Not my ideal scent.. but still not bad! I also really loved the packaging and it made me laugh hysterically. SO funny! I also loved that this was a full sized product

Rating: 4/5

Eurcerin Hyal-Urea Anti-Wrinkle Day/Night Cream Sachet Duo

I likely will not be using this and will probably give this away. Maybe if it was full-sized I’d give it a shot but not for a one time use. I’ve finally found a skin care line that is working for me so I don’t want to try something different right now.

Rating: 0/5

Crabtree & Evelyn “Tarocco Orange Eucalyptus & Sage Ultra Moisturizing Hand Therapy” Sachet

I find I need to re-apply hand lotion A LOT. Especially at work! I don’t know if it’s because the air is dry and the cold air blows in from the door constantly or what. But it’s annoying.

Apparently this is a new line or scent from Crabtree & Evelyn. I really, really, really love citrus scents so when I first saw this I thought yay! Which was followed by an “aww this won’t last me long”. They did say to look for this line in an upcoming box though! I have to admit the smell wasn’t what I expected as the orange didn’t really come through as much but I would consider it as “okay”. My hands DID however feel insanely soft after and I couldn’t stop touching myself after (get your minds out of the gutter folks! haha). Even after I washed my hands they were still soft as hell! I also liked the fact that I am able to get more than one useage out of this small packet. I know I’ll be able to use it 2-3 more times so I wrapped it up in a ziplock bag to preserve it. I’d definitely use (and buy) this again!

Rating: 4/5

Extra Item: GlossyBox Cupcake Kit

Thought this was a really cute addition even though most people on the GlossyBox Facebook were bitching about it. Why are we complaining about extra items!? I bought mix and icing so will maybe make these this week!

Extra Item: 25% off coupon:
I will also not be using this coupon. None of the styles really suit me and they have nothing that appeals to me as a larger chested woman. Please feel free to use this code if you’re interested.

Here’s a blurb with pricing and all of the things I received.

Overall, I was fairly happy with the items I received. I have received better boxes but have also received worse. I liked the fact that this had so many extra items and more than a few full sized items.

Overall box rating: 3.5/5

Thanks for reading and look for my next GlossyBox review towards the end of March/Early April.

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