Saturday, March 23, 2013

Review- Smart Ones Sante Fe Style Rice & Beans

This meal is BY FAR my absolute favourite frozen meal ever. Even before I joined Weight Watchers I LOVED it. I’d always take them for lunch because they’re so easy and so flavourful!
Not only is it different from the average and usual frozen dinner but it has a bit of bite to it. It’s also VERY filling which is a nice feeling. I would advise you to NOT do yoga after eating these in fear of a little toot action that might occur.
Taste: 5/5
As I said before this frozen dish is so flavourful! I absolutely love it. I also like the fact that it is slightly spicy as I am a big fan of hot/spicy foods. This is the first and only time I’ve ever had beans and rice.

Points value, was it worth it?: 4/5
This meal is worth 7 pp. I’d say that is pretty average (maybe a bit below average) for a frozen dinner. It’s filling, delicious and has a good consistency to it. I’d say that it is definitely worth the 7 points. I’d probably have a side of vegetables with it though.

Expectation vs Reality?: 4/5

Like I said in my last review.. actually getting a frozen meal that LOOKS like the picture on the box is basically never going to happen. It can actually look kind of gross in person! lol.

Guaranteed the meal on the box was either fake or made very fresh. It also looks like on the box there is 3-4 actual servings of the rice. Nope! Not in this tiny box

Overall Rating 4.5/5
I gave this meal a 4.5/5 because though it is NEARLY a perfect lunch (for me) and the taste is exceptional I would not eat this every day or more than once or twice a week because of the high sodium content.

Hope you try this!


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