Thursday, March 7, 2013

So you had a bad day..?

One thing I’ve always followed as a Weight Watcher is to pick yourself back up IMMEDIATELY. When you have an off day.. start over! Not next month.. not next week.. not in a few days.. not tomorrow. RIGHT NOW. The very next meal, the very next snack. You’re on a mission to get somewhere. Continue on that mission again right away. The more you get sidetracked, the more you will be okay with doing it and you will let it happen more frequently. I’ve heard many people say “well I’ve already ruined today .. what’s one more crappy meal or one meal piece of cake?”. That is the absolute worst attitude to have. Starting over is the easy part.

It’s like getting a flat tire. Are you going to sit there for the day and wait to see if repairs itself the next day? Are you going to say “screw it.. I’ll sit here at the side of the road until I’m ready to repair it” or are you going to get out of your car and deal with it right away? You fix that thing right away! If you don’t you’re messing up your schedule and plans... You’ll feel confused, frustrated and lost! You’ll have wasted a ton of time.

It’s okay to have a bad day.. it’s okay to splurge every once in awhile. What isn’t okay is making a habit out of it. Yes tomorrow is a new day.. but how many new day’s are there until you end up back where you started? You shouldn’t beat yourself up for making a mistake and going off plan. We all have challenges and difficult times when it comes to losing weight and making a lifestyle change. I’ve been there. I had multiple bad days in a row and I spiraled out of control. Now I am in the “own it, learn and move on” mindset. It’s easier to have a minor slip and pick yourself up immediately then it is to cram a ton of food in your mouth, feel absolutely shitty and then try to get back on track. Instead of taking 5 steps backward.. try to only take 1. Or better yet try to talk yourself into taking a step forward.

You want this change? YOU make it. YOU choose your path.. you can take the hard road or the harder road. This isn’t easy. This will never be easy.. but it will be worth it.

Stick to it peeps!

Love and whatnot,


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