Monday, March 4, 2013

Steph: Review- Smart Ones Breakfast Quesadilla

Hi all,

Being a Weight Watcher I decided to support Weight Watcher’s Smart Ones frozen meals. It makes it easy to calculate my meal and it’s something I can take with me when I’m rushed or don’t have time to prepare a meal. I’ve tried a few in the past that I really like and I’ve tried a few I didn’t like. Last week I tried this meal:

The Smart Ones Breakfast Quesadilla.

I really wondered how it would taste as I am not really into eggs.. but it did have cheese, turkey bacon and veggies so I knew it wouldn’t be the most distinct egg taste

I was actually very, very surprised by how great this tasted! I didn’t expect it. The one thing I wish was different was how hard the tortilla got at times but I think that could change if I put it in the microwave for a lesser amount of time. They do mention that on the box though to watch it and adjust the time accordingly. It varys per microwave. I made one at home and at work and the one at home was much warmer in the middle and tasted WAY better.  

Points value: was it worth it?: 4/5
For 6 points I’d say... maybe. A  bowl of cereal is 4-5 and a yogurt is 1-3 (I go for greek yogurt which is 3). An english muffin with becel would be around 6 points too. I think on average I’d like to spend between 4-5 points on breakfast but the convenience factor really makes up for it.

Expectation vs Reality: 2/5

It didn’t really look anything like the package. The sides stick together and the eggs and veggies do not look anything like the box. Plus the wrap did not look as fresh as it did on the box. But you really need to put it in the perspective that nothing ever looks like it does on the box.

Overall Rating 4/5: I really liked this one and would definitely buy again! It’s convenient, cheap and tastes good! Plus you get two breakfasts for under $3! Food doesn’t have to look pretty to taste good.

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