Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Week in Review

Jenn: This week definitely was not one of my best. I did however manage to still drop .2lb, I am glad I am able to maintain what I have lost. I over ate and didn't make the best choices. I am also having a hard time incorporating veggies, so I bought the things I need to make my yummy veggie smoothie to help get those veggies down! I went out and got a manicure and pedicure with a friend, then did a little shopping. It was much needed and felt rejuvenating getting pampered. I also made a bracelet with Stephie on Sunday, making jewelry is so fun. Making time for me is so important and really lifts my spirits.
Spring is in the air, and having the windows cracked open letting in that gorgeous smell of spring leak into the house makes me super happy inside.
I am starting a new challenge, keep posted as I will be telling you all about it tomorrow morning!
This is a new week and I'm feeling really motivated.

Steph: Hey all.. this week was not so good for me. I feel like I’ve fallen into my old routine and I need to snap out of it! Last week I said I would go hard.. but I didn’t.. not even close! Probably because I didn’t make a plan. Well I have now! Here it is:

  • No eating past 9pm unless it is a 0 pt food
  • Track everything.. preferably before I eat it
  • Make sure I am reaching all my daily “health checks”
  • Don’t go overboard with the big meals and try to pre-plan as much as possible.. I’ve got a potluck and two big Easter dinners within the next 4 days!

I’m also going to try to get a picture of all my meals and will share them on instagram (I’m user Stephiej17.. follow me!). I say try because it can be pretty rude to bust out your camera during a meal when you’re not at your own home. I feel comfortable doing that with my family.. but would feel a bit rude doing it in front of Pete’s. I want to do this as I think it will motivate me to make better choices.. if I am showing everyone what I am consuming I will be more likely to consume something healthy.
Thanks for your support friends!

Chan: Not too much to say this week. I’m feeling really unmotivated the last 2 weeks. There’s no excuse for it really, I just haven’t been strict enough with myself. I didn’t gain but didn’t lose and it’s because I’ve been lazy. It’s a new week and I am determined to be down next week! Summer is creeping up very fast and I just need to keep reminding myself that bikini season will be here before I know it! That’s it from me for now! Have a great Easter weekend! :)

Jenn, Steph & Chan

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