Monday, March 11, 2013

Weight Loss Bullying

One thing I never thought I’d experience after losing weight is bullying ABOUT my weight loss. This is a very, very sad thing that has happened to me. I do not condone any bullying whatsoever.. I’ve been a victim MANY, MANY times and some of the time it was from my “friends”. I’ve had friends who would roll their eyes after things I’ve said, make fun of my opinions and talk crap about me to my other friends. They’d get jealous of the guys I would hang out with or be upset when I hung out with other friends. I thought those things were over in high school! I eventually thought “screw them” and distanced myself from the sad type of people that they are (were? let’s hope.) I became an extremely positive person and surrounded myself with great people! I truly changed myself for the better in so many ways.

Now that I’ve lost over 48 lbs, I am experiencing bullying in a whole different way! A lot of my friends are extremely, extremely supportive. I’ve heard non-stop compliments from them and even a lot of “Thank you for opening up my eyes” and “You’ve helped me change for the better”. What I don’t like hearing is the things people say about me to other people. Thinking it’s funny that I’m “strict” or on top of things. That I think it’s important to track everything and to be accountable for everything. Making fun of me for weighing in weekly.. which is important and not doing so is only making your personal weight loss harder for yourself. Also trying to “one up” me... my personal journey is NOT a competition! 

I’m not sure how people think this is supposed to come across. “How pathetic.. you’re committed to something that involves bettering yourself!” or “Hey you never have given up a food you love.. but YOU’RE TOO STRICT!!”. Kind of makes me laugh! I think a big part of why people choose to put others down or make other people feel uncomfortable is because they're insecure about the fact that they are feeling out of control. I've learned this lesson from Chan as she has frequently helped pick me up when I was feeling down about being bullied. Instead of putting others down to make yourself feel better because you are feeling out of control, look to those who are successful and ask them for support and help. I’m not trying to tell you how to live, but I can tell you that your negative words hurt and they don’t help anybody. Not only are you hurting others but you are hurting yourself in the long run.

To those who bully people who are trying to better themselves.. SHAME ON YOU! Take a look in the mirror and think about what YOU are doing to better yourself. Maybe you should re-evaluate some things in your own life and learn that sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut and your thoughts to yourself. To those who are being bullied, remember that this is your journey and only your journey. Do not let other’s opinions and insecurities affect your success or the outcome of your hard work. Keep on going!

Let’s not be a bunch of “mean girls” this isn’t highschool... this is the real life.

Food for thought?


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