Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yes, you are beautiful!

Many women don’t think they are beautiful. Is it due to the pressure our society and media puts on females and males to look a certain way? Or is it because of family or friends that put pressure on us to be that smaller size?

Like most people I have my days where I really feel blah about myself. I have a family that has never struggled with weight like I have, it’s almost effortless for them to stay thin or lose weight with the snap of a finger. Due to that I sometimes feel an unspoken pressure to be a certain size. In reality this is totally due to my own personal emotional state of mind.

As each of us grow older we change, our bodies change and life has challenges. Being larger than you were when you were a teenager, or having extra expression lines (wrinkles) does not make you any less beautiful. If anything you are more beautiful now than ever before. If ever in doubt look at all you have accomplished as a person and in life!

Every woman and man of every shape and size is beautiful.

If only people could see what they look like through other peoples eyes, because if they're feeling down about themselves it could really open their eyes to how amazing they really are.

I for one am realizing that I need to love me for me, this is who I am and I rock! I don’t need to worry or stress about my imperfections or my size, because I am me and no one else will ever be like me. I am learning to be proud of myself for who I am today, and striving to live a healthier life. If losing weight during this 'learning to love me' stage in my life is happening then awesome.

Doing things that make us healthier human beings is one huge step in loving yourself. 

- Jenn

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