Monday, April 8, 2013

It's all in the pants!

Recently I had a major accomplishment in the pants department. A pair of pants that fit me fairly snug in the waist (in January) are getting to the point where they are almost TOO BIG to wear! See Pic:

This is a pair of pants I purchased last year as my old (“fat”) work pants were wayyy too big. Going down a size is always sooo exciting! These pants always fit me fairly snugly and somewhat varied with my weight fluctuation that occured in 2012. By the time the new year came I had had enough. I was tired of my new pants still feeling a bit tight and wanted to see some change. Boy did I see change!

I was also able to fit into a pair of Tommy Hilfiger pants I hadn’t been able to wear for almost 5 years! It feels so good being able to finally fit COMFORTABLY into pants where you could never even close the zipper!

I’ve also found that my jeans (these are the ones I bought after the “new, smaller sized” jeans became too big) are already getting big on me and after wearing them for 15 minutes or so start to slide down and get saggy in the butt. This is kind of frustrating as I now have no skinny jeans that actually fit me .. but in time I will purchase new pairs! Besides.. we’re almost done with boot season! I’ve decided to convert these pants into shorts for the summer and wear a belt if needed :). At least this way my butt won’t look funny! ha! That’s only IF they’re wearable at that time. Don’t want to look frumpy! hehe  

When I have bad weeks I think about how far I’ve come and how my pants are still loose! I don’t let these negative thoughts get me down anymore.. actually I push them far out of my mind. I can’t wait for my Tommy Hilfiger pants to be too big. That will be a MAJOR accomplishment for me.

I’m going to keep on truckin! You can all come along for the ride :)

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