Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week in Review

Steph: Hi guys, this week was a good one for me.. I’m completely back on track! I’ve stayed within my points, haven’t eaten past 9pm and have made healthy decisions. It feels really good! I also love waking up in the morning knowing I wasn’t eating late and didn’t have any stomach aches. The one thing I could have improved was my activity.. I was not active at all this week! I was very busy starting up something fresh and new which I will tell you about later on in this month. So exciting!!

Anyways.. I was down 2.6 lbs this week and couldn’t be happier with that change! Next week I am going to incorporate as much activity as I can and get my butt moving in that department!

Jenn: I lost the pound I had gained which is good plus one! I'm back on track and feeling good. I do wish I had more time to exercise. Yesterday my hubby decided on picking up KFC for supper because it was so long since we have had it. I couldn't eat it. I only ate about 1/4 of my meal. I've noticed this is happening to me a lot, since I am eating a lot more fresh and cleaner foods when I do try a greasy meal I'm just not enjoying it and can't eat it. I seriously wonder how I ate this way before.

I want to go back to weighing daily and not eating past 8pm. This really helps me stay motivated and focused! I am feeling a lot of pressure right now to lose weight because the weather is getting nicer and I want to lose more. Time to REALLY get extra focused!

Steph: Jenn and I will be taking the week off and will return in the next week or two with some big changes that are happening here on the blog. Stay tuned!

Steph & Jenn

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