Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week in Review

Steph: This week started off poorly but ended well :). I wasn’t that good earlier but got right back on track and feel good. I also increased the amount of exercise I got this week and worked out 4 times. I like that number! lol 0 to 4 is a pretty big difference.

I ended up gaining 1 lb this week which I am not going to stress over. I could have gained 1 lb of muscle.. I have been working out a lot more this week than I have in the last few weeks. Plus my legs are feeling hard again!! I love that feeling. Leg muscle is my favourite. Anyways. I am going to continue working out this week. I’ve got an extremely busy week but want to head to zumba at least once and will try to get at least one workout in at home.

Jenn: I haven't been doing well with following a plan this week. I was not making the best food decisions, and I feel really yucky because of that. I'm embarrassed to admit these things, but when I started this blog I promised myself I would be accountable for my actions.

Brandin and I celebrated our 9 years together, and went to one of our favorite restaurants Red Lobster. It's was so nice!

Yesterday I left the plug in the laundry basin, thinking nothing of it because the plug wasn't near the drain. Well it moved and the basin overflowed and got the floor really wet. It also was overflowing onto my scale. Surprise, surprise, it's not working. I will be buying one today when I'm out. I like to weigh daily, it really helps me stay motivated. I know some people don't agree with weighing daily because weight fluctuates, but it works for me.

This week WILL be a new week, enough of falling into old habits. This is a journey I'm taking and I will beat this.

Steph & Jenn

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