Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week in Review

Jenn: I was falling off track and after talking with my most inspiring bestie (Stephie) we have agreed to keep each other on track by pre-planning our meals and sharing with each other. This is helping me A LOT!!!
I am falling into an old habit of not incorporating enough vegetables into my meals, so from now on I will eat at least one big salad a day.
This week will be different, I am going to eat cleaner and exercise every other day and absolutely no eating past 9pm... NO EXCUSES! I am feeling really motivated to make changes.
It is my responsibility to notice when things are not going as they should, and to make a change immediately because there is nothing worse than going another day.  
Steph: Hey all.. I’ve been super busy lately and it’s been craaaaaaaaazzzzy! I also started into the old habit of binge eating over the last two weeks.. so that was fun (not). I gained back a ton of weight that I worked hard to work off this year and I really regret it. I got my ass in gear on Monday and am already down 5 LBS!!! Makes me feel really good :)
I've also been implementing the goals I set on Monday and I've been pushing myself in my workouts. Even on Monday night I pushed myself by going in the front row at Zumba and really giving my best. Even the instructor was hollering "YEAH!!" at me. lol. Little things like that make me feel good.
I’m going to keep on this trek and will continue to lose. This week will not be any different. Time to push myself as hard as possible... summer is here and that means lots of new outdoor activities :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

It all starts TODAY!

Lately I've been very, very bad. I haven't been tracking, I haven't been making smart choices and.. I've gained! It's such a shitty feeling.. but there is only one person I can blame and that is myself.

Today I have decided to step up and change my habits so I can start forming new ones.

Today I am going to start pre-planning my week.

Today I am going to start scheduling workouts in my calendar

Today I am going to start asking myself "Is this worth it?"

It all starts today my friends. Thanks for joining me on the ride!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Review: L'Oreal Precious Oils - Nutri-Sleek

Being a bit of a product junky, I saw commercials for this product and had to try it. I have really long hair that can get frizzy in all weather conditions, and will turn into a heavy unmanageable mess. I love my hair being long so I am always trying to find new products that work.

This product is my new saviour, it calms frizz and flyaways without being heavy and makes my hair silky soft. I don’t need to use much either and it smells soooo good. I apply three pumps in my palm and rub together, then apply to hair while it’s towel dried but damp and then brush through. Once my hair is styled I distribute one pump in my palm again and smooth everything out. With really humid days or lazy days I don’t like to blowout my hair completely, on these days I use a couple extra pumps and it keeps my hair controlled with a natural wave. I just love that I don't have to worry about putting too much and it turning sticky like other brands have done to my hair. This product is definitely one I will be bringing to the beach to keep my hair smooth and manageable, and smelling amazing.

Product retails for approximately $9.99, I purchased it from Zehrs.

I will definitely be repurchasing this! The bottle is a generous size so it will last a long time.

Happy Friday!
Thanks for reading.

- Jenn

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Week in Review

Jenn: This week was a busy one spent doing a lot of yard work, almost everyday was spent outside picking weeds, cleaning up and planting new flowers. I am really happy with how my gardens are looking and I actually really enjoy gardening. I went to zumba on Sunday morning and it kicked my butt, I am still sore from it! My weight this week is the same but I am noticing my clothes are fitting looser. So I’m doing something right.

Noah is standing a lot now without holding onto anything! I'm waiting patiently for his first steps. I think he'll be walking soon. He's also getting very good at saying "hi" on the phone.

I am looking forward to having a date night with Brandin this weekend! We are going to this new Sushi restaurant in Cambridge. I have already been before with my friend Elisha for lunch, and I am really excited to go back there because the food was amazing and the atmosphere is beautiful!

Stephie is having a very busy day today and will be posting her updates soon.

Have an excellent day!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Steph's Must Have Items!

Below is a list of items I would consider my “must haves”. Some of the essential items in my day-day or week-week life. These are items that I feel lost without and feel I need to purchase again to feel like I’m back in my routine.

1. Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing Face Wash & Toner by Body Shop
This is the FIRST cleanser and toner I have found to regulate my skin and make it feel great in a very, very long time. I was really surprised at first as I’ve tried so many different kinds but am relieved at how quickly it works. The toner is one item I’ve recently run out of and I’m going crazy! Right before trying this set I purchased the Aveeno toner and have been trying to use it before buying a new Tea Tree Oil toner. I think I am going to cave this week and be done with it! (Edit: Okay I caved within 20 minutes of writing this and now I have it hahah). I have issues with red spots on my chin, cheeks and around my nose and while using this set it’s really helped to get rid of that. Also, this item is apparently Body Shop’s best selling face product!

2. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume
I’ve been wearing this perfume since it came out in 2001. My parents purchased it for me that year for Christmas and I fell in love. My friends actually used to call it my “signature scent” and they loved when I’d be around because I smelled so damn good! hahaha. It makes me laugh to think about. They used to tell me “I smelled light blue and I thought of you!” or “I smelled light blue, turned around and expected you to be there!”

Seriously an amazing scent and the next time you hit up Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sears or The Bay (or other department stores) you should definitely sample it!

3. Rusk Sensories Shampoo & Conditioner
I’ve actually tried multiple different types of Rusk shampoo and conditioner and love them ALL. They all have an amazing scent, make my hair feel amazingly soft and healthy and last a long time. Plus you can find the big bottles (1.5L I believe) at Marshalls or Winners for a great price! I notice a HUGE difference when I run out and either use something I had before or buy something from the grocery store or drugstore in a rush. I’d recommend the Healthy line if you’re like me and rarely put product in your hair or dye it. Yay for natural hair! I’ve also used Calm, Brilliance, Wellness -- Heal, and Pure and have never, ever had any issues. Plus it leaves your hair smelling AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZING!

4. China Glaze with Hardeners nail polish - any and all!
This is BY FAR my favourite type of nailpolish. Why? The colours are bomb and they harden and strengthen your nails! For someone with brittle and peeling nails like myself, this helps A LOT! I probably have over 20 colours in this brand alone.

5. My iPhone
Yes my phone is a must have item! I really don’t know what I’d do without it. Too many times I say “Lets ask siri!” or need it to track my weight watchers points as the app is pretty decent.  Plus it easily keeps me connected to all of my friends and family in multiple different ways. I also use it as a camera, use bluetooth in my car to play music, make awesome grocery lists, browse flyers, track my physical activity, as a GPS and much, much more! I love my phone.

6. Urban Decay Naked Palettes
I use these palettes almost on a daily basis. The colours go on sooo smoothly and are so beautiful. There are sooo many combinations and the palettes have lasted me for years! I highly, HIGHLY recommend either of these (though I slightly prefer Naked2) palettes. My faves are Sin, Bootycall, Naked, Hustle, Buck, Suspect and Busted :).

7. Magic Bullet
I love our Magic Bullet. It makes things soooo much easier. I’ve been into making smoothies for Pete and myself and can do so in just a minute or two (I’m a speedy bee in the kitchen). Plus I make one full smoothie and split it between us. Perfect, quick snack!

8. True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere hand cream by Bath and Body Works
By far the most effective hand cream I’ve ever used. It’s seriously amazing. It comes in a tiny squeeze bottle but lasts a really long time! The scent is soo amazing and delicious smelling too!! Give this a sample next time you’re in B&B works. You’ll love it!

9. Blistex Lip Medix
We all hate chapped or dry lips! This is my go to! Never disappointed.

10. MAC Blush in Springsheen
Perfect colour for Spring/Summer. I love apricot/peachy colours soo much and this goes very well with my skin tone. Really makes you GLOW! It also makes me feel purdy when I wear it :)

11. Macadamia Natural Oil- Healing Oil Treatment
I don’t usually put any product into my hair but when I got this in my glossybox I had to try it! It makes my hair feel amazingly soft, my ends feel smooth and it makes my hair dry sooo much faster! Great product! I find I constantly stroke my hair all day long when I use it.

12. Glossybox beauty box
As you may already know, I subscribe to Glossybox on a month-month basis. I LOVE IT! I’ve rarely been disappointed like I have with Topbox and Loosebutton’s Luxebox. In this box they give you a variety of beauty products that range from samples to full sized items. I wish they’d give me less face care products and more makeup but what can ya do!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my list! If you use some of the same products let me know or feel free to share your must have item’s or “go to” items.

Thanks for reading!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Victoria Day!

Happy Victoria Day! 

Hope you all get to enjoy the day off today and have had an amazing long weekend! 

We will return tomorrow,

Steph & Jenn

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Power food: Cucumbers!

Cucumbers have always been one of my favourite vegetables. I remember growing up and LOVVVVVIIIIINNNNGGG THEM! My family always used to buy the really small Kirby cucumbers from the market. We’d have them in salads or we’d just peel them and eat them like that! The entire basket would disappear in less than 2 days! So many memories of eating these at my grandparents. I always wanted to eat them just like my Ota did!! hehe. Maybe that’s the reason I’m so good with a knife nowadays because I peel these tiny cucumbers like a badass!! They’re just so tasty and refreshing! One thing we always had around when I was growing up was “cucumber salad”. I love it!

Cucumbers are REALLY good for you and are said to be the best vegetable for your body’s overall health. They’re a great source of vitamin B and C (the skin contains about 10% of your recommended daily value), they rehydrate your body (as they’re 95% water), and are great for both your skin and hair. I’m sure most ladies have tried to put cucumbers over their eyes to reduce puffiness .. but did you know that you can use the skin to act in a similar way that aloe would for sunburns and skin irritations?

There are also a bunch of other uses I never knew about! It reduces bad breath (if you hold it on the roof of your mouth for 30 seconds), can be used as a lubricant for a squeaky door hinge, fights cancers, treats both high AND low blood pressure, promotes joint health, is a remedy for constipation and is apparently a GREAT hangover cure!

Who woulda thunk it?! Anyways.. Here’s the recipe that's been in my family for many, many years:

So I don’t actually have a “recipe” as I just do a splash of this and a splash of that.

English cucumbers (or kirby), sliced using a mandolin
onion, chopped
canola oil (i’m sure other oils would work)

1. Put cucumbers and onion in a bowl.
2. Add a tiny splash of oil and about 2 x’s as much vinegar.
3. Top with some sugar, salt and pepper.

Taste test this while you’re making it so that it can suit your tastebuds!



I never liked cucumbers as a child but now I absolutely love them and can enjoy them plain as a snack. I typically have them with my salad, but recently found a love for mixing cucumbers and mango together with a little lime juice. It’s absolutely delicious! This is a zero point snack option, and very refreshing. I encourage you to try this simple snack, I bet you’ll have it again!  


Friday, May 17, 2013

The Greatist Movement

Loved reading this. It reminded me a lot of Weight Watchers and my lifestyle change. When I joined I made those changes and now 3 years later I've kept almost 50 lbs off by sticking to my lifestyle change.   

I can really relate to this right now with regards to how I've been trying to incorporate clean eating into my lifestyle change. It's the little things that build up. It's the little victories that make me happy! Liiike eating a completely clean salad with dressing I made myself, eating a potato with no butter or cheese, choosing boiled potatoes over mashed (my favourite food IN THE WORLD), eating meat without any sauce and incorporating nuts into my snacks. Its these little choices that can make a difference. 

And you know what.. I thought it would be insanely hard and I was stressed out but I absolutely love the changes I've been making. Instead of making things harder it's made things sooo much easier!

These tiny steps build up to habits which will truly change your future and your life. 


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week in Review

Jenn: This week was an extremely busy one! Noah’s first birthday was Saturday, it was such a wonderful day spent with lots of lovely people. I am so grateful for all the awesome people in our life, such a memorable day. I did however eat unhealthy foods this weekend, it was delicious and I enjoyed every moment of it. By Monday I felt pretty yucky and bloated because of what I ate. Now I am back on track and feeling pretty good. The weather here has been chilly for the past few days, but is expected to warm up this afternoon. Since it has been chilly Noah and I haven’t been walking as much, I miss it. Mothers day was so wonderful, Brandin and Noah spoiled me and really made that day extra special.

My face is currently giving me a lot of trouble, Murad doesn’t seem to be working as wonderfully as it had. So last night I placed an order with Proactiv, I haven’t used this stuff since highschool. Since then I know they have changed the product slightly so I am pretty excited to see if this stuff works for me. Time will tell, and I will most definitely keep ya’ll posted!

Steph: So this week was amazing yet so, so busy. As Jenn, said Saturday was Noah’s first birthday which was an extremely exciting event and on Sunday was mothers day which was also great. Rest of the week flew by! Incorporating clean foods into my eating regimen has made a massive difference and I’m really enjoying it. Plus it’s made me feel better in many, many ways. I think I would have had a big loss this week if I had controlled my night time snacking but just couldn’t. I was up .5 lbs but I know that will come off by tomorrow :).

Fresh week, fresh points... this is going to be a good one!

Have a wonderful week and thanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Journey and Learning to Love Your Postpartum Body

Ever since I was a young child I pictured myself being a mother someday, longing to nurture and raise a baby of my own. I always dreaded not being able to have children from a young age, but felt comfort knowing that adoption would be an option. So after I married the man of my dreams we decided to start trying for a baby. I began to realize that this journey for us would not be as easy as others we knew had it. So here’s my journey in simplest terms... 

Almost a year into trying I finally got a positive pregnancy test, I was beyond overjoyed. Went to the doctor to get routine blood work done and they found that the HCG (pregnancy hormone) was not strong enough to consider this a normal pregnancy even though urine tests came up positive. I had to continue to get blood work done weekly until the dreaded unthinkable happened. Devastation is the only world I can think of that would slightly describe the feeling I felt. After a year had passed and many talks with my gynecologist I was recommended to go for testing, very awkward, uncomfortable but necessary testing. They discovered I had cystic ovaries (PCOS - Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and I was not regularly releasing eggs (ovum). My doctor suggested that taking a very common fertility medication will help, and did it ever. I got pregnant the very first month trying this medication. Although I was feeling very scared and skeptical, I was so excited and hopeful. I decided to tell my close friends and family as my blood work was all coming back very normal and regular, thinking finally what I have been longing for is going to happen. I was 9 weeks into my pregnancy when the doctor suggested I go for an ultrasound. So I did the necessary drinking a ton of water and danced my pee dance to my ultrasound room. With extreme excitement I lay on the bed and the lady proceeds to put the cold jelly on my belly. Brandin waits patiently in the lobby, as he can’t join until the technician finished. To my horror the technician finds an empty amniotic sac, and proceeds to try different methods of getting a better look. She finds the little baby there in my left fallopian tube, with full blood supply and a heart beat. A look of panic goes over her face, and she tells me I need to go home immediately and my doctor will call me with instruction. My doctor calls me on the phone 15 minutes after my appointment and informs me that I did have a tubal pregnancy and I needed to rush to the hospital immediately as the baby was 3.5mm x 3mm approximately and my fallopian tube is about the size of a hair normally. They were in fear of it bursting and told me to be very careful. I went to the hospital and they said there was absolutely nothing they could do to save this baby, I had never cried so hard in my entire life. My world just shattered at that moment. They recommended I take shots of Methotrexate which will naturally stop cell growth and make it pass naturally without harming my tube. I was instructed to have a lot of blood work done over the next three months to ensure that everything got cleared out safely and nothing inside me got damaged. I was instructed to go on bedrest, and in that time I fell into a deep depression. I didn’t even have strength to get out of bed or to talk to anyone. Once this long process was completed, I decided it was time to take a break from all this and go on birth control for three months. 

After the three months went by I was ready to consider trying again so I met with my doctor. He sent me for an ultrasound and found that I had developed a scar above my left ovary but it shouldn’t interfere with me getting pregnant, also all of my cysts in the ovaries completely vanished. I was feeling extremely scared and hesitant on trying again for a baby but something just felt right. So he suggested I try a month without any fertility medication and he wanted to completely monitor it. I again did not ovulate that month. So without hesitation I took fertility meds and voila! I got pregnant the first try again. Feeling hopeful and terrified I kept it a secret this time. At 4 weeks pregnant I went for my first ultrasound and implantation happened and it was exactly where it needed to be. I felt immediate relief but still felt so scared. I continued to be monitored very closely and things just kept progressing perfectly. My due date was marked as May 8th 2012, and Noah entered this world May 11th 2012. Having him in my arms was a feeling I can not describe in words, he was born healthy, perfect and the most beautiful baby I had ever seen.

Describing my journey above does not cover everything that happened but is written as short as possible. Being a mom is the bestest job in the entire world. I would not trade this for anything, this right here is pure success. Noah is now a year old and healthy as ever! I am truly blessed and feel all these things we went through must happen for a reason.

Yes, your body does change quite a bit after pregnancy and never really goes back 100% to the way it was before..... But who cares! Look at that beautiful little person you brought into this world. I am blessed with not many stretch marks but I do have some, and I have come to terms with them as they are my battle scars and I am proud and you should be too. Being a mother is a wonderful gift, because behind every lady not loving her postpartum body is another woman wishing she had one. Being a mother is a challenging, rewarding and special job. So, if you’re not loving your postpartum body, please stop and love it! Be grateful because you are blessed.

Life is good.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Back to Zumba I go!

Today is the first day I'm actively going back to Zumba! Here is hoping it starts a trend as I've been too busy to go in the last few weeks! I am also going to go on Saturday and Sunday of this week. Not only does working out make me feel great but I love the way it motivates me to want to continue because I feel like I've accomplished something. Plus after I do 2-3 Zumba classes the muscles in my legs feel amazeballlllllls!! I love it. Nothing makes me want to push myself harder than feeling my leg muscles. I'm so lame!! hahah

If you're interested in coming out to a Zumba class, please join me! I go to Studio FuZion in Kitchener and their instructors are seriously amazing! The schedule is listed on the website.

Hopefully see you there sometime ;)


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week in Review!

Hi all,

This week started off poorly for me.. as every week in the past few months had. I ate shitty foods, didn’t track.. and basically started following my old eating habits. On the weekend I decided enough was enough! I didn’t want to continue on this path and am not going to do so anymore! On Monday I started fresh... completely fresh. I called it my day 1 and weighed in and stuck to my plan. I stayed within points, made better choices and have not eaten past 9pm (except for 0 pt foods). I feel good... I feel refreshed ... I feel rejuvenated!!

Since I decided to start on day 1 I am already 2.8 lbs which feels amazing!! Getting back on track and seeing a big loss like that on the scale is majorly helpful!

A few things I need to do this week:
  • Get back into my routine of working out and being active
  • Stock up my fridge with healthy, clean foods
  • Start doing something else like reading, beading or exercising when a craving hits.

Hope you all had a great week and I’ll check in next wednesday. Have a good one!


This week was an excellent week, I am feeling so good. I'm down 2 lbs! The weather has been so beautiful here, so I have been taking advantage of that and walked with Noah every day. I have also been trying to make healthy decisions when it comes to a snack or meal.

Noah has his first birthday this weekend and I am so excited! Lots of planning and preparing. It's going to be so fun.

Thanks for reading!

- Jenn

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Starting fresh: Day 1!

Hi all,

I've been having a rough few weeks and haven't been able to get out of my funk. I finally said enough is enough and decided that I can't continue down this path anymore! Yesterday was my "day 1" again. I started fresh.. weighed myself and stuck to my plan. I felt great waking up this morning (even though I have a cold)!

I really need to get back on track with not eating late, getting back into exercise and by making better choices. So far, day 1 was a success! I find planning ahead makes a huge difference.

Just wanted to keep you all in the loop :). By making better choices just yesterday I'm down almost 2 lbs alone!! yay

Thanks for reading :)


Smart Ones review: Chick & Cheese Quesadilla

I decided to try the Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla last . I really enjoyed the breakfast quesadilla so thought I’d like this one too!

MMMmm Doesn’t that pic make it look soooo good? Hmm..

This is how you cook it in the microwave:

After warming it up once for the time that was specified on the box.. Nope! Still completely frozen in the middle!

Try #2: Yum.. gotta love eating food that looks like vomit.

Taste: 2.5/5
After having to warm it up to heat through so many times the bread was hard and I did not enjoy it. It was cheesy, had a good amount of chicken and had tasty veggies in it. but I was still beyond disappointed :( I’d be willing to try it again but would likely make it at home to see if the microwave was the problem.

Points Value: Was it worth it: 4/5
For 5 points?! Heck ya! It’s a decent portion size and if it wasn’t for the heating issue I would have probably really liked this one.

Expectation vs reality: 0/5
Clearly the picture on the box was fresh and newly made. Mine looked like an explosion.. a not so pretty one that might come out your rear end.

Would not recommend.

Overall rating: 2/5


Monday, May 6, 2013

Inspiration for your Monday

I have seen many different versions of these quotes, and every time I read it I feel empowered. By sharing this with you, I hope that it may also give you inspiration. YOU deserve the best, so make it happen.

I am making changes, and I know you can too!

- Jenn

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Skip the diet, just eat healthy!

So many times I see my friends on facebook, twitter or instagram talking about starting a diet. Then a few days later I see them posting pictures of fatty foods and alcohol. Then a few days later they’re upset with where they’re at and its a revolving cycle! What’s the point?!

I honestly hate the word “diet”. For me that word relates to limiting, restricting and “short-term”. I’ve tried many “diets”. I cut out certain foods and only ate specific items. I stopped eating a lot of the food I loved. I’d lose the weight and when it was off.. I didn’t know how to maintain! I’d gain it all back and MORE. It never worked for me. Never..

When I reached my breaking point I knew that I needed to go on a different path. Every road I’d taken previously resulted in a dead end which I had to reverse out of and got lost along the way! It wasn’t working. I decided to enter something that ultimately changed my life. A lifestyle change!
I can honestly say it has it’s moments.. but it hasn’t been too hard at all. I still enjoy the foods I love (in moderation) and can eat anything! Obviously I couldn’t eat an entire bag of chips.. but I can still have chips. I can’t eat an entire bowlful of mashed potatoes .. but I can have mashed potatoes. I choose what I want to eat. I don’t get told what I am allowed to eat.

Instead of making new years “resolutions” I’d rather make an evolution.

It might not happen overnight.. it might not happen quickly. What is important is that you’re making these small changes to not only better your health but to better your life. Not only will it make you LOOK great.. it will make you FEEL great!

Change your mind to change your body. If you’re tired of starting over.. stop giving up!

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, May 2, 2013

April Glossybox Review

Hi all,

Here we are again! Another month.. another beauty box!

This month has flown by and I couldn’t believe I was getting my glossybox sooo soon. Nice (non)suprise! hehe

Here is what my box looked like when I opened it! I was so intrigued!

Opened box and the smell was magnificent! MmmMM. Made me think of the beach.

Here is what was in my box!

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Lip Blush
Full sized -- $18.70

I had never heard of this brand until I got this box. But I’ve been wanting to try something like this as it kind of reminds me of the Chubby stick from Clinique. I also enjoyed receiving this as it is free of sulfates, animal by-products ammonia and alcohol. There were other things listed but I didn’t know what they were or what they meant! lol.

So I tried this and I fell in LOVE!!!! Not only was the colour amazing but it went on smoothly and I only needed two coats. I received the red.. my mom received the pink.. I also have to say the pink looked amazing on her as well and really suited her. 10/10 would buy again!! ;)

The only thing I didn’t like as much was that most “stains” I’ve used dry and add colour to your lips and this one stayed moist. That meant no kisses for the boyfriend :(. Oh well! A girl’s gotta look good!

Rating: 5/5

Schick Hydro Silk Razor
Full sized -- $10.99

Every girl can use a new razor! I actually dislike most female razors as the head of them is usually SO awkward, large and bendy but this one seemed different. I tried this the day I received it and was surprised at how well it worked. First off, it worked better than any razor I’ve used as I have a tiny section on my armpits that is awkward and the hairs face the wrong way. Usually I have to shave in multiple directions but this picked all of it up! yay!

The thing that really got me was the moisturizing feature.. I don’t know how they did it but I really saw a difference! My skin felt great! I’d probably be interested in buying these razors again.. especially considering they gave me some coupons! whoohooo!!!

Rating: 5/5

Boscia Recharging Night Moisture

This arrived at the perfect time as I am almost out of my Body Shop Aloe Vera Night Cream. I probably have a weeks worth of it left! I decided to try this one and after putting it on my skin felt great and wasn’t irritated. I did however dislike the smell a lot.. I can get over that though.  I will likely keep using this sample.

Rating: 4/5

Pop Beauty Glitz Eyeliner- Waterproof
Full sized -- $15

Another brand I have not heard of.. but I’m always willing to try new eyeliners. I tried this one though and was incredibly disappointed. Not only was the colour pretty ugly.. but I hated the way it went on. It was not smooth at all.. Plus after applying it my eyes watered up like crazy :(.

I’d be willing to give it another shot but would not purchase.

Rating: 0/5

Heartland Fragrances

So this is what was giving off that amazing smell!! mmmMMMmMM I don’t usually take baths but I may start doing so more often! I also used this item the day that I received the box. I decided to try it in the shower as a scrub.. I would say it was just okay. It dissolved almost immediately which I didn’t like but was not overly surprised. The smell was really amazing though made me feel relaxed and less stressed. I really think this works best in the bath and can’t wait to try it there. Unfortunately I do not see myself having a bath in the next few weeks.. or even months so will not wait to review it until then.

Rating: 3/5
Extras: In this box I also received a coupon to try the Silhouette Greek Yogurt (which I’ve been wanting to try) for free as well as a coupon for disposable razors and razor blades for the new razor I got. Whoopie!!! I’ll definitely be using these coupons!

Box total: approx $66.79 (Night Moisture cream was not full sized as they advertised)

Box overall rating: 3.5/5

Once again we received 3 full sized items which I LOVE!!

I also mentioned in the last post that I would let you know how the Youth Code Dark Spot corrector is working. So far I notice a tiny difference and the spots are starting to fade!! woohoo!!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned next month for my next glossybox review!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Week in Review

Hi all, so I finally lost.. even though it was only .2lbs. This week has been a weird week.. I’ve struggled a lot with sleeping which leads me to feel dead and have an extreme lack of energy. I think I only had one full night of sleep last week. This has been going on for awhile.. it’s really getting to me. This makes me not want to work out or do much.. most nights I will just stay up until the late hours of the evening/early hours of the morning and make jewelry. I need to fix this! I am going to make a bedtime routine so that I can regulate my sleeping pattern.

The good thing is that the weather was absolutely beautiful this week and I was able to go for some nice long walks with my hunny. Looks like this week will be beautiful too and I am going to take advantage of it :)!

We’ve got some interesting things in store for this week so please stay tuned!


This week my house got infected with a nasty cold, started with Noah... Then I caught it, now Brandin has it. Thankfully Noah and I are better,  Brandin just needs to get better. Due to being sick I wasn't eating very much at all, I lost .2 lbs this week. I really thought from the lack of eating I would have lost more, Mother Nature is probably playing a part in this.

Yesterday was my first day going out and Noah and I walked over to my sister in-laws place, took us about 20 minutes. The weather is and was absolutely gorgeous! I am so excited for more walks with Noah.

I am busy planning Noah's 1st birthday party, so exciting! Can't believe he's almost a year old.

Today's plan is to disinfect this house, and go out and enjoy this beautiful weather. Time for some spring cleaning!

- Jenn
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