Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week in Review

Jenn: I was falling off track and after talking with my most inspiring bestie (Stephie) we have agreed to keep each other on track by pre-planning our meals and sharing with each other. This is helping me A LOT!!!
I am falling into an old habit of not incorporating enough vegetables into my meals, so from now on I will eat at least one big salad a day.
This week will be different, I am going to eat cleaner and exercise every other day and absolutely no eating past 9pm... NO EXCUSES! I am feeling really motivated to make changes.
It is my responsibility to notice when things are not going as they should, and to make a change immediately because there is nothing worse than going another day.  
Steph: Hey all.. I’ve been super busy lately and it’s been craaaaaaaaazzzzy! I also started into the old habit of binge eating over the last two weeks.. so that was fun (not). I gained back a ton of weight that I worked hard to work off this year and I really regret it. I got my ass in gear on Monday and am already down 5 LBS!!! Makes me feel really good :)
I've also been implementing the goals I set on Monday and I've been pushing myself in my workouts. Even on Monday night I pushed myself by going in the front row at Zumba and really giving my best. Even the instructor was hollering "YEAH!!" at me. lol. Little things like that make me feel good.
I’m going to keep on this trek and will continue to lose. This week will not be any different. Time to push myself as hard as possible... summer is here and that means lots of new outdoor activities :)

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