Sunday, May 5, 2013

Skip the diet, just eat healthy!

So many times I see my friends on facebook, twitter or instagram talking about starting a diet. Then a few days later I see them posting pictures of fatty foods and alcohol. Then a few days later they’re upset with where they’re at and its a revolving cycle! What’s the point?!

I honestly hate the word “diet”. For me that word relates to limiting, restricting and “short-term”. I’ve tried many “diets”. I cut out certain foods and only ate specific items. I stopped eating a lot of the food I loved. I’d lose the weight and when it was off.. I didn’t know how to maintain! I’d gain it all back and MORE. It never worked for me. Never..

When I reached my breaking point I knew that I needed to go on a different path. Every road I’d taken previously resulted in a dead end which I had to reverse out of and got lost along the way! It wasn’t working. I decided to enter something that ultimately changed my life. A lifestyle change!
I can honestly say it has it’s moments.. but it hasn’t been too hard at all. I still enjoy the foods I love (in moderation) and can eat anything! Obviously I couldn’t eat an entire bag of chips.. but I can still have chips. I can’t eat an entire bowlful of mashed potatoes .. but I can have mashed potatoes. I choose what I want to eat. I don’t get told what I am allowed to eat.

Instead of making new years “resolutions” I’d rather make an evolution.

It might not happen overnight.. it might not happen quickly. What is important is that you’re making these small changes to not only better your health but to better your life. Not only will it make you LOOK great.. it will make you FEEL great!

Change your mind to change your body. If you’re tired of starting over.. stop giving up!

Thanks for reading!


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