Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Smart Ones review: Chick & Cheese Quesadilla

I decided to try the Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla last . I really enjoyed the breakfast quesadilla so thought I’d like this one too!

MMMmm Doesn’t that pic make it look soooo good? Hmm..

This is how you cook it in the microwave:

After warming it up once for the time that was specified on the box.. Nope! Still completely frozen in the middle!

Try #2: Yum.. gotta love eating food that looks like vomit.

Taste: 2.5/5
After having to warm it up to heat through so many times the bread was hard and I did not enjoy it. It was cheesy, had a good amount of chicken and had tasty veggies in it. but I was still beyond disappointed :( I’d be willing to try it again but would likely make it at home to see if the microwave was the problem.

Points Value: Was it worth it: 4/5
For 5 points?! Heck ya! It’s a decent portion size and if it wasn’t for the heating issue I would have probably really liked this one.

Expectation vs reality: 0/5
Clearly the picture on the box was fresh and newly made. Mine looked like an explosion.. a not so pretty one that might come out your rear end.

Would not recommend.

Overall rating: 2/5


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