Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Steph's Must Have Items!

Below is a list of items I would consider my “must haves”. Some of the essential items in my day-day or week-week life. These are items that I feel lost without and feel I need to purchase again to feel like I’m back in my routine.

1. Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing Face Wash & Toner by Body Shop
This is the FIRST cleanser and toner I have found to regulate my skin and make it feel great in a very, very long time. I was really surprised at first as I’ve tried so many different kinds but am relieved at how quickly it works. The toner is one item I’ve recently run out of and I’m going crazy! Right before trying this set I purchased the Aveeno toner and have been trying to use it before buying a new Tea Tree Oil toner. I think I am going to cave this week and be done with it! (Edit: Okay I caved within 20 minutes of writing this and now I have it hahah). I have issues with red spots on my chin, cheeks and around my nose and while using this set it’s really helped to get rid of that. Also, this item is apparently Body Shop’s best selling face product!

2. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume
I’ve been wearing this perfume since it came out in 2001. My parents purchased it for me that year for Christmas and I fell in love. My friends actually used to call it my “signature scent” and they loved when I’d be around because I smelled so damn good! hahaha. It makes me laugh to think about. They used to tell me “I smelled light blue and I thought of you!” or “I smelled light blue, turned around and expected you to be there!”

Seriously an amazing scent and the next time you hit up Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sears or The Bay (or other department stores) you should definitely sample it!

3. Rusk Sensories Shampoo & Conditioner
I’ve actually tried multiple different types of Rusk shampoo and conditioner and love them ALL. They all have an amazing scent, make my hair feel amazingly soft and healthy and last a long time. Plus you can find the big bottles (1.5L I believe) at Marshalls or Winners for a great price! I notice a HUGE difference when I run out and either use something I had before or buy something from the grocery store or drugstore in a rush. I’d recommend the Healthy line if you’re like me and rarely put product in your hair or dye it. Yay for natural hair! I’ve also used Calm, Brilliance, Wellness -- Heal, and Pure and have never, ever had any issues. Plus it leaves your hair smelling AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZING!

4. China Glaze with Hardeners nail polish - any and all!
This is BY FAR my favourite type of nailpolish. Why? The colours are bomb and they harden and strengthen your nails! For someone with brittle and peeling nails like myself, this helps A LOT! I probably have over 20 colours in this brand alone.

5. My iPhone
Yes my phone is a must have item! I really don’t know what I’d do without it. Too many times I say “Lets ask siri!” or need it to track my weight watchers points as the app is pretty decent.  Plus it easily keeps me connected to all of my friends and family in multiple different ways. I also use it as a camera, use bluetooth in my car to play music, make awesome grocery lists, browse flyers, track my physical activity, as a GPS and much, much more! I love my phone.

6. Urban Decay Naked Palettes
I use these palettes almost on a daily basis. The colours go on sooo smoothly and are so beautiful. There are sooo many combinations and the palettes have lasted me for years! I highly, HIGHLY recommend either of these (though I slightly prefer Naked2) palettes. My faves are Sin, Bootycall, Naked, Hustle, Buck, Suspect and Busted :).

7. Magic Bullet
I love our Magic Bullet. It makes things soooo much easier. I’ve been into making smoothies for Pete and myself and can do so in just a minute or two (I’m a speedy bee in the kitchen). Plus I make one full smoothie and split it between us. Perfect, quick snack!

8. True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere hand cream by Bath and Body Works
By far the most effective hand cream I’ve ever used. It’s seriously amazing. It comes in a tiny squeeze bottle but lasts a really long time! The scent is soo amazing and delicious smelling too!! Give this a sample next time you’re in B&B works. You’ll love it!

9. Blistex Lip Medix
We all hate chapped or dry lips! This is my go to! Never disappointed.

10. MAC Blush in Springsheen
Perfect colour for Spring/Summer. I love apricot/peachy colours soo much and this goes very well with my skin tone. Really makes you GLOW! It also makes me feel purdy when I wear it :)

11. Macadamia Natural Oil- Healing Oil Treatment
I don’t usually put any product into my hair but when I got this in my glossybox I had to try it! It makes my hair feel amazingly soft, my ends feel smooth and it makes my hair dry sooo much faster! Great product! I find I constantly stroke my hair all day long when I use it.

12. Glossybox beauty box
As you may already know, I subscribe to Glossybox on a month-month basis. I LOVE IT! I’ve rarely been disappointed like I have with Topbox and Loosebutton’s Luxebox. In this box they give you a variety of beauty products that range from samples to full sized items. I wish they’d give me less face care products and more makeup but what can ya do!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my list! If you use some of the same products let me know or feel free to share your must have item’s or “go to” items.

Thanks for reading!


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