Friday, May 17, 2013

The Greatist Movement

Loved reading this. It reminded me a lot of Weight Watchers and my lifestyle change. When I joined I made those changes and now 3 years later I've kept almost 50 lbs off by sticking to my lifestyle change.   

I can really relate to this right now with regards to how I've been trying to incorporate clean eating into my lifestyle change. It's the little things that build up. It's the little victories that make me happy! Liiike eating a completely clean salad with dressing I made myself, eating a potato with no butter or cheese, choosing boiled potatoes over mashed (my favourite food IN THE WORLD), eating meat without any sauce and incorporating nuts into my snacks. Its these little choices that can make a difference. 

And you know what.. I thought it would be insanely hard and I was stressed out but I absolutely love the changes I've been making. Instead of making things harder it's made things sooo much easier!

These tiny steps build up to habits which will truly change your future and your life. 


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