Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Week in Review

Hi all, so I finally lost.. even though it was only .2lbs. This week has been a weird week.. I’ve struggled a lot with sleeping which leads me to feel dead and have an extreme lack of energy. I think I only had one full night of sleep last week. This has been going on for awhile.. it’s really getting to me. This makes me not want to work out or do much.. most nights I will just stay up until the late hours of the evening/early hours of the morning and make jewelry. I need to fix this! I am going to make a bedtime routine so that I can regulate my sleeping pattern.

The good thing is that the weather was absolutely beautiful this week and I was able to go for some nice long walks with my hunny. Looks like this week will be beautiful too and I am going to take advantage of it :)!

We’ve got some interesting things in store for this week so please stay tuned!


This week my house got infected with a nasty cold, started with Noah... Then I caught it, now Brandin has it. Thankfully Noah and I are better,  Brandin just needs to get better. Due to being sick I wasn't eating very much at all, I lost .2 lbs this week. I really thought from the lack of eating I would have lost more, Mother Nature is probably playing a part in this.

Yesterday was my first day going out and Noah and I walked over to my sister in-laws place, took us about 20 minutes. The weather is and was absolutely gorgeous! I am so excited for more walks with Noah.

I am busy planning Noah's 1st birthday party, so exciting! Can't believe he's almost a year old.

Today's plan is to disinfect this house, and go out and enjoy this beautiful weather. Time for some spring cleaning!

- Jenn

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