Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Week in Review

Jenn: This week was a busy one spent doing a lot of yard work, almost everyday was spent outside picking weeds, cleaning up and planting new flowers. I am really happy with how my gardens are looking and I actually really enjoy gardening. I went to zumba on Sunday morning and it kicked my butt, I am still sore from it! My weight this week is the same but I am noticing my clothes are fitting looser. So I’m doing something right.

Noah is standing a lot now without holding onto anything! I'm waiting patiently for his first steps. I think he'll be walking soon. He's also getting very good at saying "hi" on the phone.

I am looking forward to having a date night with Brandin this weekend! We are going to this new Sushi restaurant in Cambridge. I have already been before with my friend Elisha for lunch, and I am really excited to go back there because the food was amazing and the atmosphere is beautiful!

Stephie is having a very busy day today and will be posting her updates soon.

Have an excellent day!

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