Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week in Review!

Hi all,

This week started off poorly for me.. as every week in the past few months had. I ate shitty foods, didn’t track.. and basically started following my old eating habits. On the weekend I decided enough was enough! I didn’t want to continue on this path and am not going to do so anymore! On Monday I started fresh... completely fresh. I called it my day 1 and weighed in and stuck to my plan. I stayed within points, made better choices and have not eaten past 9pm (except for 0 pt foods). I feel good... I feel refreshed ... I feel rejuvenated!!

Since I decided to start on day 1 I am already 2.8 lbs which feels amazing!! Getting back on track and seeing a big loss like that on the scale is majorly helpful!

A few things I need to do this week:
  • Get back into my routine of working out and being active
  • Stock up my fridge with healthy, clean foods
  • Start doing something else like reading, beading or exercising when a craving hits.

Hope you all had a great week and I’ll check in next wednesday. Have a good one!


This week was an excellent week, I am feeling so good. I'm down 2 lbs! The weather has been so beautiful here, so I have been taking advantage of that and walked with Noah every day. I have also been trying to make healthy decisions when it comes to a snack or meal.

Noah has his first birthday this weekend and I am so excited! Lots of planning and preparing. It's going to be so fun.

Thanks for reading!

- Jenn

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