Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beading Hearts by Steph

Hi all,

Jewelry has always been an interest for me. I’ve always loved sparkle and bright colours! Last year I started saving a TON of tutorials on Pinterest and had finally decided to try some out. That is where my joy of beading comes in. I started by making a lot of bracelets but have since moved over to both earrings and necklaces. It has almost become an addiction! It got to the point where I had wayyy too many items and I needed to either stop buying so many beads or start doing something with the items I was making!

At that point I decided to see if there was interest in people buying my items and the answer was YES!! :) I started my Facebook page Beading Hearts by Steph and instantly got traction. I’ve been making a lot of items to post but a lot of people have asked for special orders which is where a lot of my business comes from. I really love doing it!! I’ve also gotten more into making my own creations and styles instead of doing tutorials. I think my items are a bit more unique that way :)

Here are a few of the items I’ve made (some are special orders):

I try to make a wide variety of stuff and most things are one of a kind :)

On June 22-23 between the hours of 11am-6pm I will be in St. Catherines at the Frogpond Farm winery selling my items at their annual art show “Art in the Vineyard”. Admission is free and you will be able to enjoy great wine, music and some beautiful pieces of work! Plus you’ll be able to see me!

Come check it out!

Thanks for reading!


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