Saturday, June 8, 2013

Best Friend Day!

Jenn: A best friend is a very special role is ones life, they are the first person you think of when you want to go on new adventures. The first person you call to tell exciting news, and the one person you can talk to about anything. My day feels incomplete if I don't talk to my best friend. 

I am so proud to have Stephie as my best friend, we've been close friends for almost 11 years. We are so different but so much alike, it's a perfect mix. We've developed our own language and have many crazy weird stories that we like to keep as inside jokes, just because of how weird they are. I love our wacky ways and how perfect our friendship is. 

Our friendship is so effortless, there is never any awkward silences. We don't even have to be doing anything, just keeping eachother company is sometimes all we need. 

Stephie is my biggest supporter, complimenter, encourager, and she's always there for me. 

Steph: AWWWW!!!! MERRRRRR ^^^^!!! I’m so lucky to have a person like this in my life. Someone who is so open and honest.. and fun! We have the absolute BEST time together whether we’re doing something fun or just chilling out. We have perfect chemistry hehe :)! I don’t know anyone else I could ask to pull up my pants after peeing because my nails aren’t completely dry yet.. lmao! :P She’s an amazing individual.

I honestly don't know if I'd even be alive if Jenn wasn't around. Jenn has been the one constant person in my life who has supported me and given me 100% honest advice no matter what. She’s been there through every difficult experience and has held me up when I knew that without her I’d crumble. She’s also been there with me through all the good times standing right beside me smiling, laughing and enjoying the fun. She’s the one who know’s 100% of every single detail of my life. Literally EVERYTHING. It’s nice to have a confidant.

Also, did you know we rap? LOL! If you’ve heard us you’re lucky. :P

Back when Jenn and I first met we were very different people. Jenn had more of a rock look to her and was totally a bad ass. I loved it! She’s always been the person to be exactly who she is and has lived her life that way. I couldn’t respect her more for it. I was more of your classic girly teenager … obsessed with boys.. Jenn listened to me whine and whine ALL THE TIME. I don’t know how she did it as there were so many boys. That is one of my favourite things about Jenn. She is the best listener I’ve ever known and frequently tells me to talk to her about anything for as long as I need because she is always there for me. Same subject for a month? Jenn is there to listen. I’m upset about something? Jenn is there to listen. I need to vent? Guess whos there? She does this while I’ve had other friends say “I can’t hear about this anymore” or “you need to move on”. Not Jenn. She’s my rock.. my support.. the greatest thing of my life.

I really think it is because of Jenn that I have the “This is ME and I am who I am” attitude as I really don’t care what people think. Jenn has helped me to realize that it is okay to be crazy and to be myself. She makes me feel more confident in who I am than anyone else ever has. She really does make me feel better about myself 24/7, 365. Need advice on an outfit? Take a pic, send it to Jenn! This goes for everything! “Does this lip colour look bad with my makeup?” Jenn will know!

Jenn, thank you for being the most amazing best friend.You truly are an amazing and beautiful person inside and out. I’ve never seen so much good in one person. You give out so much love to those who are important to you. This friendship is going to go on for the rest of our lives. :) Can’t wait to see what the future brings <3.

Jenn: You summed it up perfectly Stephie, you make it easy to be best friends. I am forever grateful for all you do and continue to do for me and my family. I love how we can’t go one week without seeing eachother and everything we do is always a blast. You and I will be friends forever and I am so proud to have you in my life. You are the most amazing person, and I am so blessed to be able to call you my bestie. Thank you for standing by me through all my tough times and good times, I know I can ALWAYS count on you. You’re so perfect <3

Everyone out there, show your best friend some love today... It’s BEST FRIEND DAY!

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