Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Transformation Tuesday

Lately I've been doing really badly with Weight Watchers. I can't seem to get on track or stick to my points and it's been killing me :(. Thankfully I've been consistently working out which means I haven't put on weight. I really need to get my butt in gear as It doesn't make sense for me to be trying to motivate others when I can't even motivate myself.

This morning I decided to participate in #transformationtuesday on Instagram and posted some pics to make me feel GOOD. And that's what they did.. I feel so much better! Here they are:

Not only is it showing me how far I've come but it's shown me that I haven't quit and now isn't a good place to start.

Thanks for reading!


1 comment :

  1. You're looking fabulous doll and keep up the great job! Best of luck on your process.

    Following you now can't believe I wasn't.

    <3 Marina


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