Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Week in Review

Steph: Hey all, so this week has been good. I’ve done an amazing job increasing the amount of activity I have gotten in and feel great! I have a lot of improvement in the eating department but.. I’m getting there. :) I gained .7 lbs this week but am glad to be down what I was up earlier in the week (which was a lot more). I also need to factor in that I’ve had great workouts for the last 6 days in a row and have been pushing myself a lot. Also mother nature is a factor but I won’t go into that!!

I’ve been going to the market more recently and have really been enjoying it. I’ve been filling up the fridge and fruit basket with healthy foods and am feeling good about myself. Now I just have to go to the market and avoid buying a huge pack of maple sugar candy! 

This weekend is the art show at FrogPond winery where I will be selling my jewelry. I am really excited and am now 100% prepared. I am still making more stuff but you can never have TOO much stuff, right? I am really, really, really hoping that the rain holds off.. but we shall see!

The day where I am going to be crazy busy is coming up (Saturday) and it is the one day I have allowed myself to NOT workout because of the circumstances. I am still going to try for something. But I’m not going to make myself feel like shit after 10 straight days of working out. Plus I knew going into this challenge this would happen.. so I was prepared.

Anyways, wish me luck! I likely will not be posting until after the show but I will make sure to let you know how it goes!

Jenn: I’m still struggling this week, but having Stephie as a bestie is such a huge motivator. I have been pre-tracking which helps a lot, I also went for a couple long walks with Noah. I would really like to increase the amount of exercise in my life, because I feel like I’m falling into old habits. I have been considering doing a 30 day challenge again, because I really felt amazing after. 

Other than my struggles, I had an amazing week. Fathers Day was super nice, Noah and I created a handmade gift for Brandin and he loved it. I was so happy to have my parents over for dinner, because it’s so important to me to make Brandin and my Dad feel special on their day. I also had the pleasure of enjoying my Nan-inlaw’s 75th Birthday, that was super fun and really nice to see family. 

Thanks for reading! 
Steph & Jenn

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