Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Week in Review

Jenn: This week was a not bad week for me, I'm down half a pound. The weather here has been absolutely beautiful, pretty humid and sticky though but still really nice. That made it really easy for Noah and I to get out on walks. 
I decided on trying something different, instead of doing weight watchers I'm going to try my fitness pal. It's been two days for me on this different tracking process, and so far so good! 
I've also been inspired by Steph, to do a workout challenge! I'm doing a 30 day challenge, but I'm doing five workouts a week. These five workouts I'm required to work up a sweat, and really push myself. It feels really good to be working out again, it can be really hard to get into it but once it's done I feel fantastic!
Steph: Hey all! My very busy week has finally come to an end and I can finally relax. I’m happy to say that I’m down 1 lb since last week and find that very motivational. It makes me want to stay on track and continue on with my journey! 
The jewelry show went really well and I made quite a few sales :). It was good to show me what to expect as a vendor and how prepared to be. I really enjoyed myself! I’ve also decided to open an etsy store which will be really fun! I can’t wait :D!
My 30 day challenge is going really well! I’ve done consistently well and am now almost 2 weeks in! I feel so great! The weather here has been pretty crappy and humid lately which I hate so most of my workouts have been indoors. I’ve also been feeling fairly off since Monday and am only starting to feel better now. I did Zumba on Monday but last night I settled for a 20 minute walk. I think tonight I will either do Zumba or my Taebo video :). I can’t wait!
Anyways I will check in soon! Take care :)
Steph & Jenn

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