Monday, July 15, 2013

30 Day Challenge COMPLETE!!!

Hi all,

On Friday I completed my 30 day workout challenge and I have to say that I feel great! Working out can give you such an amazing feeling of accomplishment!

This one really worked for me and I genuinely looked forward to working out most days. This past month we have experienced some of the hottest temperatures I've felt in a long time. Did this make me quit? NOPE! I made do with what I had and when it was too hot to go outside I ran up and down the stairwell and finished up in my apartment.

Have I noticed any changes since Day 1?
Big time! My love of working out is back! I remember my first day of the challenge.. I REALLY dreaded the workout and did not want to do it. I kept pushing it back until I finally said "Screw it.. I'm doing it NOW!".

I also feel like I can go longer and harder. I've been pushing myself to my limits! Now instead of finishing a workout and saying "I feel like death" I say "That felt freaking amazing!!! Let's go again!!!'


Just wanted to let you all know I completed my goal and I feel great. Also, remember it only takes a single second to decide you want to try your own 30 day challenge. First week might be tough but once you start a routine you're bound to succeed!

Don't give up peeps!


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