Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Week in Review

Jenn: This week was nice, I lost 1lb. Whoot! It was my first week on 'my fitness pal' and I'm really liking this form of tracking. I encourage you to check it out, plus it's free so why not? I told myself I was going to do 5 workouts a week. Well I managed to do 4/5, so not bad but I didn't meet my initial goal. I still feel really good about the 4 workouts I did.

I mentioned putting reminders in the open around my house to help me stay on track and remember my goals. I have officially done it this morning.

Stephie and I went on a beautiful trail walk on Canada day. I look forward to many more! I love trail walking. I brought my dog Ace and he really enjoyed himself too.

I'm looking forward to continuing on this plan. I feel so healthy and good! Losing a pound a week makes me super happy.

Steph: This week wasn’t so good for me. I failed to track for the majority of the week :(. I’ve decided this week I am going to plan two days in advance. I already have all of Thursday planned out :). Gotta turn a negative into a positive!

I am officially 3 weeks into my workout challenge and I’m feeling great :)! So motivated to workout and I am LOVING it :)!

Anyways.. can it be friday yet?! lol Sometimes I find short weeks seem longer than they are.
Time to go!

Have a lovely week ladies!!

-Steph & Jenn

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