Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Week in Review

Jenn: I am feeling pretty awesome lately, my hubby is even noticing my progress. Exercising and eating better really makes me feel good. I have been doing so well with not eating takeout meals, it’s been about an average of about once a week over the past month. A big reason why we stopped getting takeout was not only for ourselves but for our son Noah. He’s completely on solids now and whenever we would have takeout we would have it after he went to bed because I only feed Noah healthy meals. I think it’s so important that we all eat together as a family and eat healthy to set a good example for our son. It also saves time and when I make Noah his meals I make ours, we all can eat healthy and together as a family. 

I have been taking advantage of this gorgeous weather and sitting out in the sun. I have a little bit of a tan, finally! Feels good. 

It’s time for a new exercise challenge! I love how I feel after running on the treadmill, so here we go… I’m going to run a mile every day, and keep Saturday/Sunday as my rest days for two weeks. Pretty excited, and telling you all about it will keep me motivated because you better believe I will be checking back in to tell you how it’s going. This starts today! Whoot whoot! 

Steph: Hey all! I’ve decided to make some pretty drastic changes in my life (in almost every way). Pete and I have been talking lately and he’s been so supportive.. I’m even considering going back to school full time in the winter. 

I decided to start a new 30 day challenge this week from the encouragement of my friend Chan. I was talking to her about how crappy I felt and I was really unmotivated. She convinced me to start this and I now feel a lot more motivated. The challenge was no fast food or eating out for 30 days straight (though if I am eating in a restaurant with family or Pete I’ll obviously have to order something… it would just be a healthy option). I had been struggling with convenience eating and hadn’t been taking the time to prepare any healthy option. I started Monday and already turned away two opportunities of eating out on Tuesday and today. It feels good to have the strength to say no!
I’ve also decided to not focus so much on my weight but instead focus on my health (Jenn and I both feel this way). I find it’s not helping me when I’m focusing on the number instead of just bettering myself in general. I’d rather consume healthy and clean foods instead of eating within a calorie budget. I will still be tracking on MyFitnessPal but will be focusing mostly on getting used to clean eating and making better choices. Yesterday I bought a TON of healthy food and tried my best to shop only on the outskirts of the store. It’s already inspired me to want to try some new things :).

Anyways.. I hope you had a good week. I will be posting some of my beauty box reviews soon :)

Take care!

Steph & Jenn

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