Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Week in Review

Hi all,

This week I decided to make change happen! I decided to pre-plan and prep 3-4 days in advance and it has made life SO much easier! I decided on the weekend that I was going to fill my cupboards and fridge up with healthy, clean foods. Which I did! Since doing so I have been snacking on healthier things, thinking of healthier options and  making both mine and Pete's lunches in advance. It's a good feeling to not wake up in the morning and feel like you're rushed and scattered. I am also able to prepare something a lot more healthier options instead of grabbing something quickly. PLUS Pete is loving on my salads!

My 30 day no-fast food challenge is going very well. Today is day 10 and I've already realized quite a few things... the major one being that I am addicted to fast food and junk. For 5 days straight after saying "no" to fast food I had intense cravings. I kept thinking "I could get a pita for lunch" or "might as well stop off at McDonalds while I'm driving by to pick up breakfast" or "I really want froyo!!". Every. Day. That made me really sad. It's kind of scary to think I'd usually just give into those tempations.. but not this month! I've also realized that I can and should take a black coffee home and put coffee mate in it instead of tons of sugar and cream. Saves over 200 calories. Since I started I've been making much better choices and the cravings have really subsided.

Now the next thing I need to work on is curbing my late night snacking. That's going to be something I am going to work on over the next week. Here's to future success!

Thanks for reading,


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