Tuesday, September 17, 2013

100 Mascara Picture Reviews

You know that unsure feeling you get before buying a mascara which is quickly replaced by excitement after you purchase it? We all do. I guess its the joys of being addicted to beauty products! Plus there are SOO many!

Whenever we both decide to try out a new mascara we will research it on Google and will search for reviews and pictures of people wearing it. This has not only helped us find great mascara's but has also turned us off from buying ones that just wouldn't appeal to us.

The things the internet has helped us do, eh!?

We thought it might be a cool idea to share out this link. On this page it shows 100 mascara picture reviews. Some really shocked us and some made us think "I really need to try that one!"

Check it out!!

This might tell you what not to buy... this might tell you what TO buy.. this might do nothing for you.. but it's cool to look at!


Through Thick & Thin Girls- Steph & Jenn

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