Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another 30 Day Challenge Success!


I did it!!! I didn't eat any fast food for over 30 days straight. Guess what? I'm not even craving any and doubt I will eat any today because meh.. why bother? I don't need it!

The first week of this challenge was BRUTAL for me. I craved fast food every single day. If it wasn't "Mmmm I really, really, reallllly want a chicken caesar pita" it was "I should stop off at McDonalds and get some breakfast burritos." I craved pizza, shawarma.. everything. Within 2 weeks those cravings had completely gone away and I was left counting the days.

I was really struggling before and doing this not only helped me kick the habit and craving.. it helped me out financially. I wonder how much I saved by not eating out a couple times a week? Maybe around $80?

I've never understood people who ate out every single day.. so why would I become one? Here's to healthier meal decisions!

SO! I've decided to start another 30 day challenge.. TODAY! Details about that will be posted later this evening and it's an extra, extra, extra special one :). I'm a little nervous about this challenge... but with faith comes strength! Just need to believe in myself and I KNOW it will be successful.

Stay tuned!


1 comment :

  1. Way to go, this is a great accomplishment. It is hard to decide not to eat fast food or the things we crave. You have done an amazing job!!
    Lynn Stuebing


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