Friday, September 6, 2013

I Think My Body Is Trying To Tell Me Something

As I mentioned in our week in review.. times have been tough on me lately. Financially, physically and especially emotionally. I’m generally a fairly healthy person and in the past was almost never sick. If I was it was a slight cold that took care of itself in a week or two.

These last two months though.. UGH!!! I’ve never been sicker.. during this time I’ve experienced:

Sinus Infection (twice)
Food poisoning (twice)
Ruptured ear drums and multiple other ear issues
Pink eye or stye
Hives or massive break out from Pacifica BB cream
Other health issue I don’t feel comfortable talking about
Currently am experiencing extreme pain my my left arm/shoulder

I feel like not only has this all set me up to feel like shit physically… but also brought me down a lot emotionally. I honestly feel like this is my bodies way of saying “get your ass in gear!”

It’s time folks. It’s time for me to listen to my body and take my health more seriously. Just because I’m feeling down doesn’t mean my body has to pay for it. I’ve done this before and I DO NOT want to balloon up to 250 lbs again. That is just not an option anymore.

I’m doing better by eating cleaner and planning ahead but I need to curb my night time snacking and focus on being more active.

Here’s to a work in progress!


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