Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week in Review

Jenn: Hello all, I’m baaack! I have been working on my water intake after Steph told me about this app called “Plant Nanny”, I suggest you check it out. I was only drinking half of what I was suppose to, it’s a big eye opener. Plus, the app is super cute and fun. I have been focusing on tracking this week and eating better, it feels good to be healthy. Since I have been drinking so much water I am definitely feeling less hungry and don’t have as strong of an urge to snack at night.

I am going through a difficult stage with Noah lately, I think it’s his age. He is learning what “No” means and doesn’t like the word. Since he can only say some words, his communication is whining when he wants something or is upset. I just look forward to him being able to express himself in words and understand.

Feeling pretty fantastic, and happy in my skin. :)

Steph: Hi all, just wanted to start this off by saying I’ve been having a bit of a stressful time which I will go into more detail about later this week. Times are just tough on me right now and I’m just pulling back in so many ways. I need to get over this hump and move forward.

Anyways...I’ve actually been doing quite well with my eating and have been eating MUCH cleaner! MUCH, MUCH, MUCH cleaner! It feels good and my body does feel better. I’ve still been making very healthy lunches for Pete and I and we’re both enjoying that. Pre Planning and ensuring you’re prepped for the week really makes things much easier! Plus usually I hate salad but I’ve really been spicing them up so they’re enjoyable!

I’ve also noticed this week that I was not getting NEARLY enough water. I decided I wanted to try out an app to improve and really disliked the one I had downloaded lol. I ended up trying one my friend had posted about on Instagram last week and quickly fell in love! It’s so cute! Plant Nanny has helped me soo much with my water intake and I actually WANT to drink just so my cute little plant doesn’t die. It also evolved which makes it extra fun :). It costs $1 but oh well.. it works!

Anyways I must be off! Enjoy the week :)

Steph & Jenn

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