Saturday, October 19, 2013

30 Day Squat Challenge Complete!

Hi all,

You may have seen that we started a 30 day squat challenge back in September. Well we are done and here are our thoughts!

Steph: Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 30 days already. I also can’t believe I made it to 250 squats! I remember thinking that doing just 20 in a row was hard.. now I can do 200 in a row! The difference a few weeks can make :). I feel stronger in so many different ways.
One of the biggest improvements I noticed was that my butt was lifted! Yay! I’ve been told I have a flat behind in the past so having a booty makes me happy. I also feel like my lower back looks a lot better as well. Another major improvement I noticed was how much harder and muscular my thighs were. It really toned them up!

Considering squats are said to be one of the most beneficial exercises out there I will be incorporating them into my routine. I will be trying to do squats every other day from this point forward. I’ve seen the benefits after 30 days.. I wonder what I’ll see after 60 or 90 days?

Jenn: I am so happy that the squat challenge has come to an end! Since this is my second time doing the challenge I feel even stronger and would consider doing this challenge a third time. I love how my saddlebags are smaller and I have noticed toning in my knees. I also managed to drop 4lbs while doing this challenge along with improving my healthy eating choices. Yay!!

Hard to believe how strong this exercise makes me feel. I feel AMAZING! I recommend this challenge to everyone, I know you can do it!!! Many people looked at me in shock when I told them what I had accomplished that day. If I can do it, so can you!

Thank you so much for reading, for your generous feedback as well as supporting us both throughout this challenge.

Steph & Jenn

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