Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October's Beauty Questions Answered!

Hi all,

We've decided to add something new to the blog. Every month we will be answering a few beauty questions so you can take a peek into our lives related to all things beauty! Have a question? Either leave it directly on this post, email us (contact info is under "contact us" tab) or reach out to one of us directly!

We're sneaking in just in time for October.. so here we go!

What do you love about makeup?
S: I love the variety! There are so many different types of makeup out there! So many brands, colours, textures and products. There is literally something for everyone! So much to try, so much to review.. so much to play with! I remember a few years back Jenn and I would just hang out and do each others makeup for fun.  Plus it’s just a fun thing in general.. makes me feel like a kid again when I’m playing with it.

J: I love makeup because it can accentuate your beauty, By putting makeup in just the right areas (without adding too much) it can make your beautiful features shine and stand out. I am forever grateful for foundations, due to my continuous struggle with my complexion.  

Cream, Powder, or Stain Blush? 
S: Normally I would say Powder but I’ve been on a cream blush kick for the last few months. I really enjoy it the way that it applies when using a stippling brush and the type I have really make me glow!

J: It all depends on where I’m going and what look I’m going for, I use both cream and powder blushes. If I want a dewy look I wear cream blush and if I want a more matted look I wear powder.

What is your natural hair texture? Do you work it or do you change it? 
S: I haven’t dyed or changed the colour in about 3 years. It’s naturally dark brown, slightly fine but I have a ton of it! I recently cut it into a bob after trying to grow it out for a few years. It just got to a point where it felt so limp when I tried to put it up. Nothing fun  about that. I feel that is the best way to work it as it gives it more life, volume and looks healthier. Also, it makes it nicer to wake up and my hair looks done already :). My hair is straight most of the time but sometimes wavy when it feels like being daring.

J: My natural hair has a slight wave and I consider it to be medium-thick, without dye it’s a dark ash-blonde. I absolutely love colouring my hair, even though sometimes I wish I could see what my natural colour would look like on me again because it has been such a long time. Currently my hair is the longest it’s ever been, and I love it! Current colour is medium brown.

Describe your beauty routine in 11 words or less.
S: Simple, quick and easy. Natural looks are always better!
J: Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize, cover, conceal, highlight, and accentuate.

Thanks for reading and if you have a question please feel free to communicate it to one of us or comment below.

Steph and Jenn

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