Monday, October 7, 2013

Update: 30 Day Squat Challenge

Hi all,

We wanted to update you all on our 30 day squat challenge progress:

Steph: I am soooooo happy that I decided to do this challenge. I feel so much stronger and just better in general. On day 1 I found this challenge extremely hard.. I could do maybe 20 squats in a row and I honestly questioned whether or not I would be able to finish this. 250 squats in one day? How the hell was I going to do that? Now I’m up to 70 in a row! 

Today is day 19 and we have to do 160 squats. I find that I usually do them while watching TV or while Pete is playing GTA V haha. I also find it makes for a much easier time if I hop on the exercise bike before and after reps. It helps to loosen things up and doesn’t make my legs as sore later.  

Before I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish and now I’m thinking about how I am going to continue a squat routine once this is done. Some days I hate squats but the changes I am seeing in my body really make the pain worth it.

Jenn: I thought the second time doing this challenge might be easier. I was sort of right, it’s not as hard but still very challenging because after I was done my last squat challenge I completely stopped doing them. This time I hope to continue doing squats after this one is completed. I love how strong my legs feel! I didn’t do measurements this time but I can definitely feel my leg muscles are harder. It’s such a good feeling. 

There was one day that was extremely busy for me and I wasn’t able to do my squats that day, so I ended up doing squats on what was supposed to be my rest day. I hated doing this because then I had to do 4 days straight instead of 3 before my rest day. Sometimes I find my days go by so fast, so I have been trying really hard to do my squats first thing in the morning and then I don’t have to worry about doing them before bed, and I have my evenings to relax. 

I am so happy doing this with Stephie, I love her motivation! 

Thanks for reading! 
Steph & Jenn

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  1. wahoo go girls go are inspiring me to keep on keeping on myself with trying to lose some weight and be more dedicated to being a healthy me .thanks .hugs ...keep on keeping on girls .proud of u both


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