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Wantable Beauty Box Review

Hey all,

So about 2 weeks ago on Reddit I saw a post on Reddit from Stuart from Wantable. He was inquiring to see if anyone with a beauty blog would be interested in reviewing one of their beauty boxes. Well, you all know how much I love beauty boxes and anything beauty related so I jumped right on it! Plus, all my close friends know I've been debating signing up for awhile. So this was perfect! That very same day they had arranged to send me a box. So quick (and it also only took 10 days to arrive from that day)! Stuart frequents Reddit quite often which I think is great. Customer service is a BIG DEAL in the beauty box industry and if you screw up a couple times you’re bound to lose a few customers. I haven’t seen many issues with Wantable at all. What I have seen is them going above and beyond for their customers.

Wantable offers a couple different types of beauty boxes which include makeup, accessories, intimates and a limited time Halloween box. All of which are HIGHLY customizable as there is a very in-depth beauty profile that you fill out. I of course decided to try out the make up box and in it you will receive 4-6 FULL SIZED items! Yes, that’s right. Full size speciality and premium brands. If you live in the US you’re able to get the box for a one time fee of $40 or for a monthly subscription of $36. If you’re from Canada you need to add about $10 to include taxes and shipping/duties. Kinda sucks having to pay extra.. but whatever. The benefit is that you are able to skip a month whenever you choose. That works for me! Also, guess what? If you don’t like your box. You can send it back for a FULL refund.

My ultimate dance worthy moment? It fit into my mailbox!!! I don't have to go to the mall to pick it up at Canada Post. So now that I've told you about the company, I am going to tell you about what I have received in my complimentary box. Here is a list of the products that I received:

  • Susan Posnick- Color Eye Define Eyeliner in Platinum/Gold
  • Bésame Cosmetics- Classic Colour Lipstick in Exotic Pink (C211)
  • LiseWatier- Féline Mascara HD in Ultra Black
  • Beauty For Real- The Perfect Nude Pencil 
  • Skiin - Soothing & Smoothing Eye Cream (sample)

And now here are my thoughts!

Susan Posnick- Color Eye Define Eyeliner in Platinum/Gold
Retail price: $26

This product was something that is definitely different than what I am used to.. but that's the fun thing about beauty boxes! You get to try things you've never seen, heard of or even thought of trying. I didn't even realize it had two ends until a few minutes after I opened it. This product is a dual ended eye liner and shadow. The one end is a platinum coloured creamy eye liner that can also be used as an eye shadow. The other end is a self dispensing gold shadow .. Neat!. I'm not really one for colours like this as I prefer darker eye liners and don't wear many coloured eye shadows anymore. The gold end definitely worked with another gold/brown based eye shadow but I really need to rethink what to do with the eye liner as it definitely doesn't go with brown. Maybe a pretty purple or green.

This seems like a really neat brand and I'd love to see more! I'd even like to try this in other colours!

Rating: 4/5 - Really neat concept!

Bésame Cosmetics- Classic Colour Lipstick in Exotic Pink (C211)
Retail price: $22

Steph: I was really excited to receive this product as I've seen a few of Besame's products and have been really blown away by the gorgeous packaging. It arrived in a red velvet bag that I plan to keep the lipstick in while it is inside my purse. The lipstick case itself is gold with red writing and shaped like a bullet (pictured above). The colour I received was called "exotic pink" and boy was it ever! I think my boyfriend even called it exotic and vibrant. It's very pink and very long lasting. It lasted for a few hours! Pete even asked me if I had reapplied because it was still as bright as when I first put it on. That's a good sign for a long wearing lipstick. I did apply a good 2 coats though. The shape of this lipstick is quite different which you can see in the picture.. but it made it a lot easier to have straight lines during the application process. I really liked this and will be using it! I wish the colour was more a bit less "bright" as we're entering a colder season. I'll still make it work.

Rating: 5/5

Jenn: The packaging and presentation of this lipstick is stunningly beautiful. It came in a beautiful small dark red velvet bag, and the actual lipstick is in a gold metal type standard shaped lipstick applicator. The shape of the lipstick is definitely out of the ordinary, it is slanted on both sides coming to a point in the center instead of the standard slanted tip on one side. I love it because I was able to use the tip to really define my lips. The colour is beautiful but definitely to dark for me to wear daily. Application of this lipstick is beautiful, but did transfer easily therefore not a long wearing lipstick (which I prefer). I do like this product and would purchase, but in a shade lighter.

Rating: 5/5

Overall: 5/5 Would definitely buy/try again!!

Lise Watier- Féline Mascara HD in Ultra Black
Retail Price: $23

This product really made me excited when I saw it in my beauty box. I love Lise Watier and its great to see a Canadian brand featured in the mix. Sadly I was a bit disappointed when I decided to test it. Let me start by saying I gave this one three chances to wow me. When I first applied it I said "WOW!" because it was SO dramatic.. but my lashes looked so clumped together :(. I figured it was a problem with application but the same thing happened the next day. But this time I had to completely start over as it ruined my eye makeup. Oh well... 3rd times a charm! I brushed and separated all my lashed before hand and the first application went on wonderfully! 2nd eye? Of course I'd fudge it up!  I was able to fix it with my eyelash brush but it didn't work well. When I get my subscription I will just say I dislike receiving mascara because I find it so hard to actually find one I like. It's not horrible... but I have too many great quality mascaras to keep this one in my rotation. 

Sidenote: removal was incredibly hard. I used TONS of eyemake up remover before I washed my face, after I washed my face and then woke up with it still under my eyes. 

Rating: 2/5 Probably would not recommend. I expected more from this great brand. 

Beauty For Real- The Perfect Nude Pencil 
Retail price: $14

The one thing I've always wanted to receive in a beauty box! Lip pencil is not something I've ever wanted to buy.. but it is something I've wanted to try. Man I need major improvement when it comes to drawing straight clean lines. I really did NOT get it right the first or second time I tried. The second time  it definitely looked more brown on my lips but maybe it's because I tried too hard and put too much on? I think I need better practice but I'm happy to have received one!

Rating: 3/5

Skiin - Soothing & Smoothing Eye Cream (sample)

So I only started using eye cream last week and have since really enjoyed it. This one made my skin feel great however it smelled kinda gross when applying it. I'll definitely use the whole sample and see if I can see myself using this one instead of the other one I got in a sephora kit for my birthday.

Rating: 4/5

Overall Thoughts
This box was by far the best box I've ever received from any beauty box company. It's a tad more expensive than I'd normally choose to pay but the product size and quality is just SO worth it. I will definitely be signing up shortly and will fix my profile based on this first box. They also couldn't have picked a better time to do this as I needed some SERIOUS cheering up.

I'd like to thank Wantable for sending me this complimentary box to review! You guys rock!

Hope you all have a great day,


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