Friday, January 24, 2014

2014 Goals - Update

I hope you all are doing well, and I am happy you have taken the time to read about my updates. My new years resolutions have been somewhat successful, I'm still working on making them habits. If you forget what my resolutions were, here they are:

1. Using my treadmill.
2. Limiting fast food meals to once a month.
3. Spending less time on my phone.

So, now it's time I talk about my struggles and accomplishments.

1. Using my treadmill - I still need major improving, I have dusted it off and used it a handful of times but I have unsuccessfully used it 3x per week as planned. I could list excuses, but who wants to hear that? I just need to work harder to make changes. Being accountable on here for me is my first step.
2. Limiting fast food meals to once a month - I am proud to say I have been very successful following through with this goal! Brandin and I agreed that we would have take-out every second Sunday of the month. When that day came this month I didn't even have any cravings, but still indulged in some of my favourite fast food treats. I thought this challenge would be hard because I love the convenience and taste of it, but it was surprisingly really easy! I have also dropped a little weight as a result. :)
3. Spending less time on my phone - Some days are easier than others at keeping my phone away. It's nearly impossible not to look at my phone when a notification alert goes off. Due to that my notifications are now on silent and I am only checking it periodically. If something is an emergency or very important my friends or family can call me. Not using my phone as often makes me feel more in control and less addicted.

I should mention that since Sunday I have been hit with a terrible stomach flu, so my treadmill challenges will be set aside until I am in good health again.

Thank you for taking the time to read my strengths and weaknesses, you all are helping me to be more accountable and it makes me strive to show a good example for others to follow. It's time to set your own goals, because when goals are set you are likely to try harder.

I hope to have inspired you!
- Jenn

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