Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekly Goal Review and Setting

Hi all,

I'm proud to say that last week my goals had a 100% success rate. Yay! If you don't remember, these were my goals last week:

1. Eat breakfast everyday
2. No eating past 9pm
3. Using my Plant Nanny tracker

It doesn't seem like much.. but I feel great after resisting the urge to snack at night for 7 days straight! It makes me feel stronger knowing that when I SAY I am going to do something.. I do it. A lot of times I will want to do something.. but within a few days I either forget or it just doesn't seem to matter anymore. I don't want to be like that anymore! I want to be successful in executing my goals; all of them are just smaller goals that help me get closer to the bigger picture (AKA my goals for the year).

So now we've come to a new week and I've come up with some new (and old) goals! Here is what I will be aiming to do this week.

1. No eating past 9pm- Yes this is repetitive.. but if I don't push to do it.. I won't! This is what works for me :)

2.  Eating a serving of vegetables with every single meal- Yes, including breakfast! This one is the hardest I've done in a long time but it will guarantee me 3 servings of veggies per day! Definitely doable!

3. Do at least 50 squats per day and do yoga at least 3 times this week- Waking up and doing yoga feels .. just incredible. It really makes for a great start for your day. I purchased a yoga DVD about 2 weeks ago and have been loving it. I've also recently purchased some yoga accessories so I'm pumped to try them! Tonight will be my first night of yoga for the week :)

There you have it! Have you set any goals this week for yourself?

Thanks for reading!


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