Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weekly Goals

Hi all,

You may have noticed last week that we posted our weekly goals. We will be continuing our weekly goals this week.. and here they are!:

Steph’s Goal: Write before I bite! That means either pre-tracking an entire day before or just by tracking what I'm eating before I eat it.

Update 1: This has been a tough one this week but every time I've tracked WHILE I'm eating instead of before. Not bad but not what I wanted to do.

Jenn's Goal: Increasing my water intake. I have not been using my plant nanny app for tracking water and I know I'm not drinking nearly as much as I should. Since drinking enough water is a very important part of being healthy, this will be my goal.

Update 1: I'm doing well, so far so good! Yay! Feels good drinking the right amount of water again, it really does make me feel better. Less groggy, less water retention and refreshed. The only down side to this goal is the amount of trips to the bathroom, my body will adjust :)

Thanks for reading!

Steph & Jenn

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