Saturday, March 29, 2014

LaCoupe: 14 Day Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Recently I have decided to transform my hair from dark brown (almost black on the ends) to light brown, with an ombre type effect. This process was quite extensive, I had never done so many hair treatments in the span of one week ever. As a result, I got pretty bad chemical burns on my hair, making my hair fried, mushy and breaking off. I was and still am sad that my hair broke off, because my hair was very long. My hair is still long, reaching my bra line but I lost about 4 inches off the length. I have trimmed my hair which helped, but it's still pretty unmanageable. In search for something that'll help I went out and bought some treatments, oils, and other things for my hair to try and get it strong again. Some helped but made my hair feel heavy, and kind of sticky feeling. My sister in-law know's me well and for my Christmas present she got me an assortment of different things to try, because I love testing new products. In my bag of goodies I received 'LaCoupe: 14 Day Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment'. Now seemed like the perfect time more than ever to give this a try.

LaCoupe: 14 Day Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment comes in a box with a small shampoo, which was just enough to cover my mane, and a 5oz bottle of the smoothing treatment. What you do is wash your hair normally with the shampoo provided, it will remove any residue that's on your hair. This shampoo doesn't lather, and it also doesn't make your hair feel gross and dry like other residue removing shampoo's I've used. Then you wrap your hair in a towel, once your hair is damp (not soaking wet) apply the smoothing treatment, and comb through. The box suggests going right to the roots, but I didn't. I also only had to use 3 toonie sizes to coat my hair nicely. Then you're supposed to let it soak in your hair for 30 minutes, I let it soak for an hour. Then blowdry your hair with a round brush or paddle brush, and go over with a straightener. This seals the hair cuticle shut.

My hair is so soft! Even people said how healthy my hair looks, and smooth. My hair is so manageable and soft, I couldn't say that before this treatment! I am now going to go buy the whole line of shampoo's and conditioners. This worked for my hair and I hope this works for yours too!

This line of hair products is exclusive to Shoppers drug mart.

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